13th Black Crusade

Black Crusade
The Warmonger Club plans to invade the Baltimore Grand Tournament this year with an entire Black Crusade with all nine Chaos Legions in tow. Each traitor founding chapter will be represented; with 2150 points each, in all the 'Mongers will have almost 20,000 points of Chaos, all represented in one huge display base.

The Plan
It all began at the 2002 Baltimore GT, where over 10 club members attended with various 40k and Fantasy armies. That Saturday night, over a little food and much beer, we thought up the GT army to end them all. A huge, club wide joint effort with each of us doing related armies. But what was the theme?

The choice was made easy by all the new Chaos models on display at the tournament. One look at the new Daemonettes, Plague Bearers, Horrors, and Bloodletters was all we needed to get excited about the idea of the Black Crusade. We divied up the 9 founding Chaos Legions to those who were excited by the idea, and started planning for 2003.

There are 3 main components to our GT army. The first are the armies themselves, obviously. The second are our display bases, which will all interconnect to form one huge 18' diorama. The last is a Codex for the Black Crusade, featuring army lists, photography, and background material.

That was a year ago. Since then, the new CSM codex has been released, along with new models galore. In the last month leading up to Baltimore, each Crusader made varying degerees of progress, with several finishing literally hours before the first game! However, it was, in all, a tremendous success. Here is a record of the Crusade, and the Warmongers that made it happen!

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