Alexander McLaren

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Kyoto Sensei
Deth 2 the H8ed 5pac3 3lfz!
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Sence 1997
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Primarch rank on Multiple armies with no GW figures.
My Armies:

40K: Lord Genocide's Plague Marines (Chaos), Governor Gilgamesh's Plague Guard of Uruk (IG), The Estonian Drop Troops (IG), Inquisitor Kuroda's Crusade (Demon Hunters WIP), The Rogue Traitors (Fallen Angels), Captain Blackhawk's Company (Dark Green Angels), Rogue Trader Marcus Proser's Agressive Negociators (IG WIP), Darwin Einstein's Tech Guard (SoB WIP)

Fantasy: Never touch the stuff.

BFG: Admiral Giuliani's Nova Yorkopolis Patrol/Destroyers (NYPD)

Warmonger Nemesis:
Damn Space Elfs
Beverage Of Choice:
Recent Plcings:
Weblink:, the best damn 40k forum around (after ours of course)
WHY WHY WHY do people keep playing games with overpriced miniatures, poorly written rules etc, etc... so many better mini games out there...


Any thing you want here

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