Cults Of Chaos

A Tale of Eight Gamers'
2004 Grand Tournament Armies

It all started innocently enough. Philadelphia GT. Four guys. Beer. A question. "What are you working on for next year?" The answers came back mysteriously, suspiciously similar.

"Tzeentch marauder army."
"Nurgle marauder army."
"Slaanesh marauder army."
"Skaven again."


"Ummm. Chaos marauder army?"

From that point on it was obvious. The dark gods manipulative fingers had worked their way into our minds´┐Żour very souls and desires were enslaved to their whims. Well, at least three of us. What did they have in mind? Our thoughts were as one.

Joint. Army. Display.

Since then, we have converted a fifth, six, seventh and eighth disciple. Our mission is clear: a themed army display for the 2004 Baltimore and Philadelphia Grand Tournament. Nothing shall stand in our way.

The Plan

Each of the armies, led by Matthew York, Jeff Leong, Todd Wiatt, John Bianchi, Ryan Poliakoff, Gary Kwan, Ronen Yair and Matt Birdoff, shall comprise part of a 16-foot army display base. Our overall theme are Chaos cult hordes competing for members in a Mordheim-like ruined city, with each of our bases forming some part of the city. The idea is to bring 'challenging' chaos armies, using underused troops types such as Marauders, while avoiding over powered troops such as Chaos Knights. Instead of generic all-cavalry, Dragon Ogre Drake, 6-chariot Chaos armies, we'll be bringing the worst of the worst. Whatever games we win will be well deserved!

The Web Diary

You'll be able to follow our armies' progression here throughout the year, from concept through to execution. We're all at different stages- some have had their army under construction for a while, while others haven't yet begun. At some point this winter, we'll also begin work on the joint army display, a challenging project due not only to the amount of work involved, but also the distance between the players, spread out along the East coast.

The Town Cryer

You can now download a special issue of the project's Town Cryer newspaper, with full hilarious coverage of the Cults' invasion of the Baltimore GT!.


John Bianchi - Khorne

Matt Birdoff - Tzeentch

Gary Kwan - Khorne

Jeff Leong - Slaanesh

Ryan Poliakoff - Beastmen

Todd Wiatt - Nurgle

RY - Tzeentch

Matthew York - Chaos Undivided

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