Ken Lacy

Forum Name:
The Fabulous Orcboy
That Cheesy Bastard Ken
"I'm a Cheesy Bastard!"
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 1993
Claim To Fame:
Crazy cracked-out armies that are considered crazed and cracked-out even by the Warmongers. Plus my
My Armies:
40K: Imperial Guard, Eldar, Tyranids, Space Marines. Also working on Tau, Chaos, Sisters, and Orks (top secret!)

Fantasy: Goblins, Empire, Wood Elves

Ancients: Dacians, hopefully Macedonians (eventually)

BFG: Imperial navy (eventually)

Warmonger Nemesis:
Black Templars in 40K, that *!(#% Birdoff in Fanta
Beverage Of Choice:
Cold water. Mmmmm....nectar of the gods!
Recent Plcings:
4 from bottom, 2 from bottom, next to last...damnit, better finish *painting* my armies from now on!
Agh, why do I *always* create armies with lots of models, when I *know* that it takes me forever to finish painting!


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