Matt Birdoff

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None that arn't mean
Years in the Hobby:
Sence 1998
Claim To Fame:
Conversion Bastard
My Armies:
Warmonger Nemesis:
Anything Nidal Plays
Beverage Of Choice:
Murphys and 1/2 Irish on tap please
Recent Plcings:
  • 14th Overall, Player's Choice, 2005 Baltimore GT, The Changebringers
  • 1st Overall, 2nd place Player's Choice, 2004 Boston GT, Cult of Change
  • 8th Overall, 2nd place Player's Choice, 2004 Baltimore GT, Cult of Change
  • 2nd Place Best Army, 21st Overall, 2003 Philadelphia GT, Chaos Dwarves
  • 2nd Place Overall, Player's Choice, 2003 Baltimore 40K GT, Black Legion CSM
  • 2nd Place Best Tactician, 8th Overall, 2002 Philadelphia Fantasy GT, Doompa Loompa Chaos Dwarves
  • 1st Place Overall, Player's Choice, 2002 Baltimore 40K GT, Thousand Squats CSM
  • 54th Overall, 2001 Baltimore Fantasy GT, Doompa Loompa Chaos Dwarves
Games Workshop 2004 Baltimore GT coverage
Games Workshop 2004 Boston GT coverage 2002 Baltimore GT coverage.
My life will be incomplete until I win a Chaos Dwarf Ass Cannon on eBay. Until then, none of this Warhammer stuff really matters...


Any thing you want here

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