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View 1   Library40k (Warhammer 40k)
View 1.1   Peter DeFlorio's 4th Edition Tactica
View 1.2   The Imperial Guard Series
View 1.2.1   IGS HQ (HQ)
View   IGS Command Squad (Command Squad)
View   IGS Support Squads (Support Squads)
View   IGS Sanctioned Psykers (Sanctioned Psykers)
View   IGS Commissars (Commissars)
View   IGS Priests (Priests)
View 1.2.2   IGS Elites (Elites)
View   IGS Hardened Veterans (Hardened Veterans)
View   IGS Ogryns (Ogryns)
View   IGS Storm Troopers (Storm Troopers)
View   IGS Ratlings (Ratlings)
View   IGS Techpriest Enginseers (Techpriest Enginseers)
View 1.2.3   IGS Troops (Troops)
View   IGS Infantry Platoon (Infantry Platoon)
View   IGS Conscript Platoon (Conscript Platoon)
View   IGS Armored Fist Squad (Armored Fist Squad)
View 1.2.4   IGS Transport (Transport)
View   IGS Chimera (Chimera)
View 1.2.5   IGS Fast Attack (Fast Attack)
View   IGS Hellhound (Hellhound)
View   IGS Rough Riders (Rough Riders)
View   IGS Sentinel Squadron (Sentinel Squadron)
View 1.2.6   IGS Heavy Support (Heavy Support)
View   IGS Heavy Weapons Platoon (Heavy Weapons Platoon)
View   IGS Leman Russ (Leman Russ)
View   IGS Demolisher (Demolisher)
View   IGS Basilisk (Basilisk)
View 1.3   Tactica Kroot Allies
View 1.3.1   Kroot?
View 1.3.2   Overview
View 1.3.3   Using Kroot
View 1.3.4   Units & Wargear
View 1.3.5   Kroot in Other Armies
View 1.3.6   Substitute Models
View 1.3.7   Conclusion & Links
View 1.4   Tactica Daemon Hunters
View 1.5   Mechanizing Your Marines
View 1.6   Marine Manefesto
View 1.7   The Eldar: Aspects of War
View 1.8   1,000 or So Space Marine Chapters
View 1.9   Pint Sized Evil: Chaos Squats!!!
View 2   LibraryFantasy (Warhammer)
View 2.1   Strateegery Corner
View 2.1.1   Heavy Cavalry and The Pivot Point
View 2.1.2   Light Cavalry Tactics
View 2.1.3   Goblin Fanatics Tactics
View 2.1.4   Missile Weapons Tactics
View 2.1.5   Does Size Really Matter? Small Units vs Large Units
View 2.1.6   The Art of Good Deployment
View 2.1.7   Magic and the Dogs of War
View 2.1.8   Using Terrain to Your Advantage
View 2.1.9   Magic, Part I - How to Use it, and How to Survive It
View 2.2   Dwarf Tactica
View 2.2.1   The Basic Dwarf
View 2.2.2   Other Combat Troops - The Elite
View 2.2.3   Special Forces
View 2.2.4   Gonna' shoot ye' in yer arse!
View 2.3   The Cult of Change
View 2.4   Changebringers
View 2.5   In the Footsteps of History
View 2.6   Why Fantasy is Better than 40K
View 2.7   Warhammer Fantasy is Best II
View 2.8   Da’ Art uv War
View 2.9   Napoleonics Downloads
View 3   LibraryMis (Other Articals)
View 3.1   The Painting Palace with King Poffy Poffa
View 3.2   Grand and Rogue Trader Tournaments
View 3.2.1   Big Hats, Great Adventure
View 3.2.2   My First GT (Beginner's Luck)
View 3.2.3   The Orcboy's Most Excellent Adventure
View 3.2.4   The Orcboy's Bogus Journey
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