page id: 185 Battle Report I (Bridgehead): Can Ken's Imperial Guard hold out against Jim's ork speed freeks? The winner of this battle will determine if the sustained attack special rule will be used by the orks a

A Bridge Too Green

Ork Turn 5: The situation looks grim for the Orks, but the Skarboyz are too tough to give up even when things turn bleak. The Wagonís Grot Riggers get the Wagon moving within seconds, and it moves forward another 7 inches, just a few short inches from the Guard lines. The Wagonís on-board Zzap gun lashes out at Sentinel Alpha (now most definitely within range!), and blows it to bits, although luckily no Guardsmen are nearby to be hurt by the flying shrapnel. Black Skwad sits back and rapid-fires into the Ogryn as they rush in, and manages to take down one more (and fight the ensuing assault to a draw), and then the Skarboyz and their Burnaz let loose, flaming Squad Stalwart into oblivion, and sending Colonel Ran Lo and his command squad falling back under heavy fire! The Skarboyz then assault the nearby survivors, sending a third of their force against the Armored Fists and the Preacher leading them, a third after the Fox and his command squad, and a third after nearby Squad Redemption! The Armored Fist are wiped out before they can even strike back, while the Fox and his squad manages to kill two Skarboyz (from cover) before being dragged down, but Squad Redemption gets off light, losing only four members (despite being faced by the Skarboyz Nob) and killing a Skarboy in return. They then wisely flee and rally at the board-edge, as the Skarboyz choose not to pursue them, but rather to Consolidate into nearby Squad Antiope and the remnants of Colonel Ran-Loís Command HQ.

Guard Turn 5: With the Orks so close, the Heavy Bolter heavy weapons team moves a good distance away, while Squad Redemption, newly rallied, moves up to lend their support to their Squad Antiope colleagues. The surviving Sentinel (Beta) maneuvers around behind the Battlewagon to take shots at its weaker rear armor, a move duplicated by the Ogrynís Chimera, which actually goes so far as to rumble over the blasted shell of a destroyed Ork trukk in order to get a better angle at its target! Between the two, the Warwagon is blown apart, and its sole passenger (a Big Mek) sent tumbling out, and he somehow manages to avoid taking wounds in the process (bouncing a lascannon hit off his Kustom Force Field, as well as a handful of lasgun hits from nearby Squads Escher and Redemption).

Squad Redemption then rushes in to help Antiope, and between them, and Colonel Ran Loís skill with a Powersword, the Skarboyz take a whopping five casualties (including their Nob), causing only a single wound, to Ran Loís squad, in return. The mob breaks and runs, pursued by all three units (who all fall short), and Squad Redemption takes the opportunity to redirect its pursuit move into the confused Big Mek. Meanwhile, the Ogryn have finally beaten down Black Skwad (taking another casualty in the process), and chase down the sole survivor, ending up on the near end of the Bridge in the process.

The battlewagon finally succumbs to IG fire!

Ork Turn 6: The three survivors of Blue Skwad continue to run, yelling something about "goiní back to get annuver Trukk!" as they do so (they make very impressive 12" and 10" Fall-back moves in this and the previous turn). The Skarboyz are much too close to enemy units to rally, despite still being at half strength, and so continue to Fall Back, and are crossfired by the Ogryn on the bridge. And the Big Mekís reflexes are far too slow, as the vengeful members of Squad Redeption wound him, break him, and chase him down as he runs for the illusory safety of the bridge. And with that, the Orks have been wiped out, and the Bridge has been held!

Hey, you try running with a kustom force field generator on your back.


Final Score: Imperial Guard 1700, Orks 775

Ken: Well, that went pretty well. I was quite pleased at where my reserves showed up, and how quickly they did, although I would have been happier if my Guardsmen had been shooting better, but happily the minefield and booby traps managed to kill a few of those Trukks for me. And, fortunately for me, Jim tied up a massive chunk of his points in his Nob Retinue, and when he lost that, he fell seriously behind in points. As his Skarboyz proved, that Retinue is not entire necessary, and in fact might be a needless expense.

I think Jim might also have been better off throwing his units in two different directions; any single mob of Boyz is more than enough to take on, and take out, two of my Imperial Guard squads. By concentrating on a single flank, he robbed himself of the opportunity to harass both my flanks simultaneously, and nicely compressed himself into a single "target" for all of my guns across the field. Once the Trukks were destroyed, he was faced with a trudge across an open board to get to my other flank; it didnít happen in this case because my Assault phases went so well, with my Ogryn performing above par, and my Guardsmen really holding their own against those Skarboyz in particular!

Jim was also forgetting to roll for his Armour Plating, and Mob Checks for breaking units, but we went back later and rolled some tests after the fact just for kicks (most importantly for his Skarboyz), and at least then the dice were not in his favor. Ultimately I think the dice just werenít rolling Jimís way after that first (and extraordinarily nasty) pre-game preliminary bombardment, and it was compounded by some excellent dice rolling on my part (in every phase but the shooting phase, that is). My only regret is that this victory is going to be chalked up to the Imperium, when in my heart I want the Orks and their allies to be achieving the final victory at Armageddon. . . .

Jim: Defeat at the hands of the umies. How humiliating. Ken played very well, as he always does, and had some good luck to boot, of which I had exactly none. Overall, I don't think I would have done much different in my strategy (if you call rushing headlong at the enemy a strategy). Remembering mob checks might have been nice, but my units were pretty much decimated by the time they ran anyway, and the armor plates probably would not have done much either, especially given the way I was rolling.

After coming over the bridge, I might have accompanied the battle wagon headed for the IG right flank with a trukk mob, but I doubt that would have turned the tide of the battle. My rolling in close combat was just horrible. My "Black Templar" dice seemed to balk at he idea of rolling for orks. Maybe some green diceÖ yeah, that's the ticket!

The preliminary bombardment (beefed up with the fighter-bommerz raid) worked out well, but I would never have taken it if I did not have to make up points. It was only the fact that I was rolling two dice for each target, and some luck, that made the raid effective. Otherwise, I'd say the raid's a total waste of points. I was not too worried about the tank traps on the bridge, as I knew three burnas on the lead trukks (each one hitting all four traps with 2d6 + 4 armor penetration) would deal with them, but they did tie me up for a round. The scenario in general worked very much in Ken's favor, as there was no cover at all on the entire field and the tank traps, minefields, booby traps, razorwire and sandbags were a royal nuisance. But, I think the battle was decided when Ken's ogryn came in at the perfect time, in the perfect place. A heavy flamer blast from thier chimera took out an entire squad, and a concentrated assault by the ogryn beat my retinue down like girls (I took to calling my fleeing warboss"Warboss Mary" for the rest of the game). I will never underestimate ogryn again.

As Ken said, I do tie a good amount of points up in my retinue, but I am not willing to give up on them yet. I think against marines and other "small-but-tough armies", those four-attacks-standing-still,-2-wound-power-clawed-armor-saving beasties could turn the tide. I was pleased with the performance of the battlewagon and skarboyz. After the battle, I considered adding a second battlewagon filled with skarboyz, accompanied by my Warboss, but in order to do so I'd not only have to lose my retinue but a unit of trukk boyz as well. Not to mention the dread I feel at the thought of building another battle wagon and painting twenty more orks. I think I'll keep my army as is for now and get a few games under my belt before I start fiddling with my list. Have not doubt, I will get my revenge on Ken's accursed guardsmen.

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