page id: 194 Battle Report III: Matt's Persian Horde faces John's dead-hard Byzantine army in our first ever Warhammer Ancients battle report!

Ancient Enemies


Confronted with an angry elephant, The nomadic Turks’ horses carried them back toward the Byzantine lines in rearward flight. In an effort to protect his left flank, Nikephros ordered his skirmishers forward while his Scutatoi wheeled behind to face the chariots. The rest of the line held and prepared to fire on the Persians, Once again, their bow and crossbow fire did minimal damage, but the artillery, having the range on the immortals, dropped another boulder amongst the elite slave soldiers. Though the Byzantines cheered, Nikephros knew this was not enough to stop the chariots’ onslaught. On they came, screened by their skirmishers. All the Byzantine bowmen could do was stand and shoot and hope that they could hold the chariots back.


Roaring at the site of the fleeing Nomads, who had embittered themselves with the Persians during the last battle, King Xerxes exitedly ordered his slaves forward. The heavy chariots threw caution to the wind and charged forward, side by side with the skirmishers whom they had been hiding behind. Firing upon the mass of charging troops, the Byzantines drove back the Persian skirmishers, only to be smashed into by the chariots behind them!

King Xerxes orders his slaves to the attack.

On the left flank, the elephant’s mahout drove the wild beast forward, closing in on the fleeing Nomads. The Bactrian cavalry sensed an opening for themselves on the right flank, and made their way toward it. The mass of infantry set up their spara barriers; from now on it would be near impossible to hurt them with missle fire. Skirmishing slingers continued to adavnce on the Byzantine crossbowmen.

In hand to hand, the persian cahriots made extremely short work of thier foes, then smashed through into fresh combat with the Skutatoi behind them!


Once the Persian heavy chariots made contact with the 25 strong unit of Scutatoi, not even their ability to fight in ranks could help. The chariots ground the spearman and archer regiment into a powder. Nikephros watched horrified as the Scutatoi then fled and were cut down by the chariots. His failure to check the chariots now threatened his entire line and his battle plan was in tatters. While the Turkish Horse rallied, The Byzantine forces fired once again into the steadfast Persians with slightly better results: The skirmishers in the center, hit by crossbow fire, fled, while the stone thrower once again found the range, killing three Immortals. The only possible move open to the Emperor now was to hold the chariots back while the Cataphract cavalry waited for to the right moment to brave the massed bowfire in a suicidal charge.

Persian heavy chariots close on the main Byzantine line.


King Xerxes sensed the victory to come, and continued to press his advantage, He knew that no matter what happened to the Byzantine forces, until he had broken the huge unit of cavalry in their center, the Persian victory was unassured. With no enemy to charge, the chariots reformed behind the Byzantine line, threatening John’s entire army. The Bactrian cavalry continued to move into place in the Persian battle line, while the elephant moved to threaten both the stone thrower and the crossbowmen hidden in the oasis. Unexpectedly, the skirmishers decided to rejoin the battle, stopping in front of the Levy bowmen, hurling insults at the hated Byzantine foes. With a blow of the horn, the Battle Standard ordered the entire army to let arrow fly upon the heavy cavlry that still held the Byzantine center. With dismay, however, the Persians saw almost all of thier attack bouce harmlessly off the heavily armored troops.

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