page id: 181 2002 Mega Battle Championships, Battle Report I: This is the first battle report of the 2002 Warmonger Club Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, pitting Gary and Herb's Dwarf armies against Nidal and Ma

Battle of the Beards

The Battle of Beards
Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, Game 1

(Like strategy except sneakier)

Matt and Nidal are pretty cocky so at the beginning of the battle, I told them that we were using 18 war machines and the rest Dwarf warriors. It was fun to see all of the color drain from Matt's face. I thought if I couldn't beat them, I could at least scare the hell out of them for about 30 minutes.

Playing Dwarves in a giant mega-battle against Chaos Dwarves is very difficult. If I could choose my army, I would go with some flame cannons and maybe some gyrocopters for war machines, no crossbow men and the rest troops. Since the field will be very crowded with your own troops, you can only place war machines and crossbowmen on hills or else they can't shoot. However, if you place your war machines and crossbow men on hills, they will get hit by one or more earth shaker cannons each turn and their shooting will be greatly reduced while all crossbowmen will not be able to shoot at all. If the size of the target was a pinhead and the template of an earth shaker cannon was a dime, Matt & Nidal could hit the pinhead 9 out of 10 times. Unfortunately, in order to create an army of 7,500 points, Herb and I had to throw everything we had to make up the points. That meant that our bolt throwers, cannons, rock throwers and crossbowmen would all lose their effectiveness by turn two or three. Outnumbered and with minimally effective war machines, the outcome didn't look good for the Dwarves but don't tell a Dwarf that.

Our plan was to hold both flanks of our line against the enemy and initiate a breakthrough in the center of the line with our huge unit of Ogres and some elite Dwarf units. When we finished setting up the board, it was obvious that we were greatly outnumbered all along the battlefield and that breaking through the Chaos Dwarf line anywhere was going to be tough.

Herb: Gary informed me of the little joke he played on Matt and Nidal. 18 War machines! Shoo weee momma that would've been fun! Would that we had the models! As it was I thought we had a well-balanced army with some decent, hard hitting, pipe carrying dwarfs. Oh yeah and Golgfag and a bunch of his friends. Damn near twenty fear causin', three wound carryin', S4 T4 2 attack, standard carrying monsters! What a unit! In retrospect we should've put all of the missile troops into two big units, one of which could've been Rangers. I was sure we would be outnumbered, so I thought we could refuse a flank and hit the other flank hard with the meat of our army. Hopefully the plethora of opposing units would get in the way of each other. Against most armies setting your dwarf artillery on a hill is a good idea, now I know it is not against guys who only know how to roll hits on the artillery dice. We could anchor the refused flank with the slayers and the hammerers two very difficult units to shift (my understatement of the year). Nice simple plan. Doomed, but it seemed good at the time.

Matt: Well, the Ogres had to go first, that was obvious. With the fear/autobreak factor, that 1 unit could run the table on us. Our force basically split into 3. 50 Black Orks surrounded by greenskins holding the middle, fast stuff on the left and blunderbusses on the right, we looked pretty solid, outnumbering them significantly. There was only 1 thing to do - get stuck in! I knew we could use the Dwarves hatred of our hobbos to full advantage. They would have to pursue any unit they beat in hth- and we could direct units into making unwanted moves, setting them up for flank charges. Beyond that, I had faith in our numbers- as well as Gary and Herb's atrocious die-rolling!

Nidal: Ok, we can't fight Dwarves in melee, as they're better than us, so the trick is to earthshake them, reduce their mobility even further, then smack them around the flanks with our cavalry so we can beat them by combat resolution. The ogres would be a problem, but we figured the trick was to reduce their numbers with cannon-fire and then hit them with a TON of bull-centaur characters. The rest of the Dwarf units, though formidable, would have to fight on our terms due to our superior mobility (aided by the lovely earthshaker cannons).

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