Black Crusade Codex: Jan 2003

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Black Crusade Codex
One of the integral pieces to the Crusade will be a Codex showcasing the entire project. I'd done a similar piece last year for the Thousand Squats, to a very positive response, and we wanted something along those lines for people to browse through. The logistics of the Codex are a bit daunting, however. Unlike last year, where I was one person doing a book on one army to give to six opponents, this year we are nine people doing a book on nine armies to give out to up to fifty-four people. As the 'caretaker' of the codex project, this seemed a bit much! The color print alone would cost $500!

Needless to say, we will NOT have extra copies for our opponents to take home this year. Each Crusader would end up with two copies: one for the army judges, and one for themselves to lend out.

The next consideration was what to put into the book. We'd need to highlight each army, obviously, as well as a bit on the process and concept. The interconnected display bases also needed some space. There was a lot of desire from the Crusaders to put in some individual fluff as well, but with all the content that needed to get in, there wouldn't be much room. I'm also a bit skeptical about how much anyone would be willing to read. People would rather see more pictures, IMHO.

The solution I ended up at was to do one generic Codex in full color, which we will provide to each Crusader. There will also then be blank black and white sheets, into which we could put what fluff we like; stories, army lists, etc. I would then give that out as a pdf file for people to download, add copy, and print out. The pages would have a consistent Chaos 'border' to tie them into the Codex.

Having figured out how to make everyone happy (hopefully), I set about figuring out the layout of the color book. After thinking about a few options, I ended up at what seems the most straight-forward solution: picking up the layout of the color section in the CSM codex. Each army would get a half-page for one single model shot, one squad 'in action' shot, a short paragraph about the army, and a head shot of the player. Working from an 8-page layout, that would eat up 4 1/2 pages. A page and a half would go to the process and display base, and then a front and back cover and that's it.

With all that worked out, I've started to scan in pages from CSM Codex to work from. By next update it should be well underway.

(or else!!)


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