Black Legion

Final Update: Baltimore Grand Tournament 2003

The Crusade Ends!

Army finished, Tournament attended, Glory achieved! In all, an excellent time. I ended up with Player’s Choice, which is always the best award to me, as the players themselves vote for it. Shocking (to me, anyway) is that I also ended up 3 points shy of Best Overall. Shocking because this year you had to win games to do it! In a change from last year, you had to win games to get points, not just ‘kill things’.

Having not tested my army much before the event, I didn’t realized how obnoxious the new CSM codex can be- and specifically how obnoxious my army was! When the rhinos full of assault marines got in with powerfists and all that, the game ended quickly for my opponents. Unfortunately, this proved for some very dull matches, and my opponents weren’t too happy being on the receiving end of Abbadon and crew. My sportsmanship scores, usually at the top, definitely suffered as a result.

It was great to see all the familiar faces from the past few years, as well as those people who follow the site. The Crusade itself was a big hit, and I’m very glad we did it. It really felt like a club project, as we all contributed to the one single display.

Enough of me babbling, here’s some pics!

The centerpiece of the whole 18' Black Crusade display base, the landing pad for Abaddon's Thunder Hawk.

Abaddon takes to the air to mess up someone's day.

"Follow me lads, I smell a Player's Choice!"

Defiler Bob.

A valient last stand for a doomed striking scorpion.

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