page id: 187 Battle Report VI (Strongpoint Assault): Can Wilson's Slaneesh Marines defend their fortress against Jim's Dark Eldar raiding party? By Jim K.

Clash of Darkness



Wilson's deadly Slaneeshy rhinos, both equipped with warp amps and containing 9 chaos marines led by aspiring champions, were positioned just in front of the main bunker, hull down behind a wall of debris. The chaos veterans took up positions on the uppermost deck of the fortress/bunker, while the noise marines began behind the bunker on ground level. The chaos sentries were scattered evenly about the board in hopes of detecting the coming dark eldar raid. The rest of Wilson's force were in reserve, either because of the scenario or because they were demonic in nature.

Jim's Dark Eldar split into three groups. The archon, Mistress Xandra, and her Haemonculus (bearing three talos in a webway portal) were accompanied by two squads of warriors, one numbering 20, the other 12. This group entered on the right flank, inches away from the sentries and dangerously close to the chaos fortress. The other two groups, each consisting of two squads of warriors, started behind buildings on the opposite table edge from the objective. The wyches on their raider would remain in reserve.

Turn 0-Dark Eldar

The dark eldar "support" troops fleet of footed into advantageous firing positions in the ruined buildings to best make use of their numerous dark lances, while the warriors, archon, and haemonculus made a bold move on the chaos left flank. They pounced on the 2 sentries in the assault phase (even though they would raise the alarm on a 4+ if killed in hand-to-hand). It seemed unlikely the DE would avoid detection in their extreme forward position in any event. The first sentry was dispatched by a sybarite's agoniser with ease but died with a bloodcurdling scream. The alarm was raised at once.

The Dark Eldar swamp the sentries, but can not dispatch them quietly enough.

Turn 1 - Slaneesh

One chaos rhino wheeled around to deal with the dark eldar threatening their left flank. The top hatch popped open, exposing a horrific, clown-faced, aspiring champion of slaneesh and a flamer-bearing pseudo-marine. The champion unleashed his doom siren and the other chaos marine fired his flamer, roasting five Dark Eldar from squad blue. Frag missiles from the veteran squad streaked down moments later into the same squad killing several more.

Meanwhile the noise marines opened up on the second DE squad threatening the left flank, squad green, and managed to kill 5 of them. The Haemonculus was also caught in the noise marine's blast, but luckily made his 4+ skyboard save. If he had failed he would have died outright (Str 8) and taken the three talos in his webway portal with him! Both squads took leadership tests at a -3 thanks to the proximity of the warp amp-equipped rhino. Squad green fled off the board, but squad blue stood firm.

Turn 1 - Dark Eldar

Cursing the sybarite who could not dispatch the sentry without raising the alarm, Mistress Xandra leapt aboard her skyboard and raced forward to deal with the noise marines. Combat drugs flooded her veins. Squad blue pulled back into cover, except for two warriors with blasters who stood their ground and fired on the chaos rhino. Both failed to hit the vehicle. The haemonculus opened his webway portal in anticipation of the arrival of his beloved creations, the Talos.

Across the battlefield eight dark lances shot beams of negative energy at the rhinos. Amazingly, the chaos vehicles come out completely unscathed.

Mistress Xandra covered the last few yards to the noise marines in the blink of an eye, using combat drugs to make a 12" assault. In a blur of agoniser attacks, four noise marines fell. The one remaining held his ground.

Mistress Xandra swoops in to deal with the Noise Marines

Turn 2 - Chaos

The chaos rhinos both shifted into gear, moving across the battlefield, closer to the dark lance-wielding warriors in the ruins. The chaos troops in the rhino on the left flank punished DE squad blue again with doom siren and flamer, this time killing 7 warriors including the sybarite. The second rhino headed straight for the Dark Eldar warriors in the center building, obscuring its final position with a blast from its smoke launchers.

The chaos veterans on the fort fired two frag missiles through the windows of the center building. The explosions rocked the ruins, killing two warriors from squad black in a hail of shrapnel.

Chanting perverse litanies, the chaos veterans summoned the first of the daemonic reinforcements. A squad of 6 daemonettes appeared on the building next to the veterans, easily within reach of the archon. The air shimmered near the lead rhino and 5 fiends of slaneesh appeared. Their arrival scattered off the vehicle, even closer to the Dark Eldar squads in the nearby ruins.

The demons launched their assault. The fiends leapt through the windows of the nearest building and decapitated 3 warriors with their snapping claws. The unit fled from the savage assault only to be caught and wiped out by the pursuing demons. Their pursuit took them crashing into squad purple at the rear of the ruined building.

Meanwhile the daemonettes launched their assault on the archon who was still locked in combat with the one remaining noise marine. Mistress Xandra flooded her system with combat drugs again to face the new threat and took a wound in the process. Blood trickled from her nose down her perfect, alabaster face as blood vessels exploded in her brain. The Mistress switched to poisoned blades and inflicted 5 wounds on the demons who, amazingly, made all but one of their 5+ demon saves! In return, she was wounded 9 times. Her shadowfield flickered but held against the torrent of daemonic attacks. Both sides held their ground.

Fiends of Slaneesh attack one of the Dark Eldar defensive positions.

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