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Kroot allies do not offer any overpowering units that will win games by themselves (barring Stalker Kindred of course). Instead you gain some flexible units that offer a bit more hand-to-hand, shooting or numbers than your own army list may have. Used carefully Kroot will pay off, even if they are not a great battlefield success for you they can still make games more fun for you and your opponents. Best of all there are many opportunities for conversion and even representing new units or races.

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Special thanks to Dakka posters Otaking, JTS1486 and Gaalsien and Warmonger Club member The Fabulous Ork Boy for letting me use pictures of their models.

Happy Krooting!


Casey ("Otaking") Willis' Tau & Kroot Army

Dakka Dakka Forums
By far the best GW-related forums on the internet. Mature, intelligent posters, lots of traffic and my best source for information when preparing this article.

Fabio (�Gaalsien�) van der Merwe�s Kroot Gallery

Great Knarloc Trial Rules

Jervis' Johnsons
Warhammer 40k's most offensive club

JT Scott's Tau & Kroot Army

Ken ("The Fabulous Orkboy") Lacy's Exodites

Kompleatly Kroot MSN Group

Shaper Council Yahoo Group

Warmonger Club
NYC's premier wargaming club with veteran players and modelers

Warmonger Club Forums
Great club, good posts and posters. This is also the best place to post feedback.

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