Duncan Watwood

Forum Name:
Emperor's Reckoning
Duncan who?
Years in the Hobby:
Since 1987
Claim To Fame:
Awesome Nerd Dungeon
My Armies:
Extant 40K: Emperor's Reckoning Space Marines, Phoenix Legion Space Marines                                                                                    In Progress 40K: Tyranids, Orks                                                   Extant Warhammer: Lizardmen                                                          In Progress Warhammer:  Warriors of Chaos                       
Warmonger Nemesis:
Real Life (tm) scheduling conflicts
Beverage Of Choice:
Recent Placings:
Iced Tea
23rd (with Ravenwing!) at Baltimore '05
check out my wife, Patricia's, swanky work @ http://www.patriciawatwood.com
I've concluded that rants are suboptimal behaviors and have chosen to reflect on all things shiny.


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