Gary Kwan - Khorne

The Brotherhood of the Pit

by Gary Kwan

The pressure's on...
Okay, my Baltimore GT ticket just arrived in the mail today and with only a month and half left until I redeem that ticket at the GT doors, the pressure's really on for me to finish this army. So just how far have I gotten since last month?

Well, the best thing I've done with this army last month is to actually play some games with it. Nothing beats rolling the dice and moving the minis around to see what your army's and your own playing style's strengths and weaknesses are.

And I've learned a lot, such always try to dispel the "re-roll" spells, magic is always more dangerous than shooting unless the other guy has warmachines, and deployment is key. I've also got to work on coordinating my charges and supporting units once they get stuck in. On the good side, chariots and frenzied warriors rock if you use them right. The games have also given me some insight as to trimming down and beefing up my army list, so here it is:

Lord & Heroes
Daemon Prince
Master of Mortals, Soul Hunger, Blade of the Ether, Mark of Khorne, Armor of Khorne

Here he is, well at least here he is right now. The conversion when completed will serve as the centerpiece of my army. A lot of cutting and drilling with my dremel went into this model, plus gobs of green stuff putty to make some of the joins. There's still work left to do on it, but I'm really excited about the model. The rather large shield is my first attempt to sculpt with green stuff. I hate it and will replace it with a relief textured shield made up of thin layers of plasticard. A custom shaped axehead made from plasticard, some more armor bits and a pair of wings will round out the mini.
Core Units
2 units of 10 Chaos Warriors
Musician, Standard; one unit of halberds, one with axes and shields.
These have been modelled and I've got the basecoat paint job on all twenty done. Some highlighting, shading and base flocking and these guys are good to go.

2 Chariots with the Mark of Khorne
I really went to town with these two chariots. Each one took me two whole days to convert. I started each by chopping up the chassis of a Khemri undead chariot and gluing all the parts to a measured plasticard floor to create a wider and longer body. The gaps in the chariot walls were filled with plasticard and all the joins hidden by gluing on lots of the two embossed skull designs for Undead skeleton shields. The railings were topped with carefully notched skulls and the wheels were adapted from the Chaos Warrior standard top. The horses received some scythed barding made up of carefully cut and pinned spearheads from some leftover High Elf spearmen arms in my bits box. Some thin jewelry chains from an arts and crafts store will complete each model after I paint them up.

1 unit of 25 Marauders
Musician, Standard, light armor and shields
I nixed the second smaller unit of these guys and a few warhounds from my previous list to find the points for the light armor upgrade. Ten of Andy's High Elf archers had a field day picking off both units of my Marauders as they tried to cross the field to get into action. In my other games when they did get into combat, the 5+ save was at best neglible with all the natural Str4 or weapons that conferred strength bonuses they faced. So an extra +1 to their saves will hopefully improve their chances. These are primed and ready for painting.

2 units of 5 and 1 unit of six Chaos Warhounds
Warhounds are great as screens for your more expensive troops but with no saves and a leadership value of 5, they don't last very long. And unfortunately for me I have a lot of them so I find myself taking a lot of Panic checks all over the place when I field them. In my game against Jarrett's Dwarves, one unit of panicking hounds sent the other three nearby dog groups and the Marauders and Ogres they were all screening running for three whole turns. It was not pretty. So while I still need the Warhounds to take the bullet for my more costlier guys, I don't need as many of them. All sixteen are painted I just have to paint and flock their bases.

Special Units
2 units of 5 Flesh Hounds
3 Chaos Ogres with great weapons
3 Minotaurs with great weapons and the Mark of Khorne

All of these are primed and ready for painting.
Special Units
1 Bloodbeast of Khorne Chaos Spawn
With the points saved from the axed Marauder and Hound unit, I picked up the armor upgrade and this guy. I'm going to model it as a uber Chaos Warrior with exaggerated muscles and stature. Picture the Batman villian Bane in a suit of red plate armor and that's my idea for this model.
I don't know what I'm going to model these three as. I had the idea of making them marathon runners but I'm searching for a better idea.

The plans for my coliseum display base haven't changed so it's just down to modelling five miniatures and a whole lot of painting for me. And with only a month and a half left, it's going to be close.

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