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It's the mobile artillery vehicle with the Big Boom Stick. The Basilisk is marginally useful as a direct-fire ordnance platform, but given its relatively weak armor (AV12 open-topped) and its lack of a turret, that's probably not the best way to use it.

The Basilisk is more useful as a Guess-range weapon. Apart from Mortars (which are only S4, AP6), the Basilisk is the only weapon in the new Codex that can fire indirectly -- and with S9, AP3 (and an Ordnance Blast weapon), it is far more intimidating than Mortars. This is actually the reason the Basilisk is rated so highly.

Accordingly, the way to use Basilisks is to give them the Indirect Fire option, then set them completely out of Line-of-Sight and rain firepower down on your opponent from behind cover.

Basilisks have a number of marked disadvantages, however. One of their most obvious drawbacks is their large profile: they are very big models, and thus very big targets that are difficult to completely hide on most tabletops. You can best believe that if their not hidden, they'll be ready targets for enemy heavy weapons fire. Another drawback is the minimum range of the Indirect Fire option. One way to get around this is to set up in one of the far corners -- this means that you'll have the majority of the table-top well within range of the Basilisk.

The final drawback is the cost of the Basilisk, particularly with the Indirect Fire option. The cost of a Basilisk is actually fairly high for a weapon best used indirectly, and mounted on a comparatively fragile chassis (the Chimera-type base). However, it remains the best indirect-fire option available to the Imperial Guard, short of using Forgeworld models (and the Imperial Armour book).

Vehicle Upgrades:

Since the last thing you want to do is expose your Basilisk to any incoming fire at all, most vehicle upgrades will either be useless (because your Basilisk is well hidden and out of line-of-sight), or superfluous (because a Basilisk won't be all that much tougher or damage-resistant if you equip it with vehicle upgrades). You want to save points and avoid taking risks, not encourage them needlessly and spend points in a futile effort to avoid the consequences.

An excellent example is the tremendous waste of points that results when you equip the Basilisk with the Armored Crew Compartment. Why waste the points? Being out of sight is the best protection available!

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