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For ten points more than a Leman Russ, you can field a tank that works well as an intimidator. Although the Demolisher cannon has only limited range (24"), it has the potential for major devastation within that range, enough that most opponents will be willing to give it wide berth. That, or devote a lot of firepower to destroying the Demolisher -- and with its excellent front armor (AV14), and very good side (AV13) armor, it can suck up a lot of enemy fire; particularly if it is hull-down.

Of course, a Demolisher isn't particularly intimidating beyond the 24" range, unless you make an effort to upgrade it with weapons options that can reach out and touch people further away -- and hurt them nearly as badly as the Demolisher cannon. We're talking about the Lascannon/2xPlasmacannon combination, of course: all three are AP2 weapons, and the plasmacannons are S7 blast weapons, as well.

The Multimelta sponsons aren't so useful because within 24" you'd rather use the Demolisher cannon, and the heavy bolters and heavy flamers suffer from the same limits as for the Leman Russ.

With these upgrades, the Demolisher ends up being a bit pricier than a stripped Leman Russ tank, but the tank would nearly be worth it on psych-out value alone. With the combination of short-range firepower and longer-range backup weaponry, the Demolisher will be one of the feared units in your army.

The Demolisher is even tough enough to place in a forward position with minimal support -- for example, setting up first in a corners mission, well forward of the rest of your lines, in order to 'push back' your opponent's set-up area. It also works nicely to 'hold' one of your flanks against an enemy advance.

For all that, it's not usually worth taking more than one of these tanks -- they simply aren't versatile enough (mostly because of their limited range) to do all for your Imperial Guard army that a basic Leman Russ can.

Vehicle Upgrades:

All the upgrades recommended for the Leman Russ, apply also to the Demolisher.

In addition, the Camo Netting option allows you to set up the Demolisher even completely in the open, in missions that use the Hidden Setup rules. This is a handy little gimmick that will let you put your Demolisher in exactly the right position from the start of the game -- in theory a position that will cause your opponent no end of worry from the start of the very first turn.

Finally, a Pintle-Mounted Stubber is a marginal upgrade; at ranges over 24", it can add its (modest) firepower to the Plasma Cannon and Lascannons. Still, for +12 points, it won't be doing a lot of damage to the sorts of things you normally shoot with Plasma Cannons and Lascannons.

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