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The Hellhound has seen some substantial changes between the new Codex and the old, and as a result it is both more and less useful than it once was. Which is another way of saying that their actual game use has changed dramatically.

Hellhounds are no longer really 'counter-assault' or 'support' vehicles. They won't be able to stop enemy assaults cold like the old Hellhound could. They're much better doing aggressive interdiction-type things: like running up and spraying the front-line 'screen' of an enemy army, opening it up so that the rest of your army can shoot at what's behind the 'screen'. Or running around a flank to get that nasty template behind the 'screen' your opponent is presenting you! With the 24" range and 6" move, most games you're going to be within shooting range on turn one, even though the entire template will have to be in range of the Inferno Cannon.

This is definitely a great vehicle to take against non-Marine Shooty Armies, like other Guard, or particularly Tau and Eldar. The AV12 is especially difficult for the Tau and Eldar, because many of their weapons are only S5 and S6, and will have problems hurting the Hellhounds (which are AV12 in the front AND sides). That makes them a huge threat, so your opponent will have to dedicate heavier weapons to killing it, meaning that your other Tanks (whether Leman Russes or Chimeras) are safer.

And, like anything in the Imperial Guard army, multiples are a good thing. One Hellhound is fearsome but manageable, but two Hellhounds are a major, major threat.

Accordingly, the Hellhound is probably nastiest when used in combination with a second Hellhound, and both are sent together up a single flank, or slightly off-of-center from your lines, rather than splitting them up. Splitting them up would reduce their threat value by allowing your opponent to pick them off one at a time (his choice), whereas if you overload a flank, you'll be forcing his hand and either herding your opponent in one direction, or completely drawing all his attention to the Hellhounds and letting the rest of your army do damage without much worry of repercussion.

The only weaknesses of the Hellhound are its moderately high cost for a fairly specialized unit -- offset in part by its relative durability (AV12 front and sides can take a fair amount of pounding -- just ask any Space Marine Dreadnought) -- its short range and relatively lack of mobility. Realize that Hellhounds really doesn't do too well against close-topped transports, and is mostly an anti-infantry weapon; and furthermore, will not be quite so fearsome against hordes (they can spread out to minimize damage) or heavy infantry with 3+ or better armor saves (who again can spread out and minimize damage). Plus, if your Hellhounds are out of position at the start of the game, you'll lose valuable time getting them into position, because the 24" range really isn't that much contrasted with the distance corner-to-corner on a 4'x6' table.

Vehicle Upgrades

All the upgrades recommended for the Chimera, apply also to the Hellhound.

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