(require Doctrine Point)
: Marginal

If you want to field Sniper Rifles, this is the unit to take. Ratlings are exceptionally cheap sniper rifles, and just as effective as any other Sniper Rifle model in the 40K universe (with the exception of Eldar, who are just disgustingly good at all kinds of things anyway). Just be sure to keep your unit nice and safe, because with only T2 and Ld6, they aren't going to hang around long if they start taking fire; and even though they can take advantage of a Command Squad's Leadership ability, they aren't affected by a Company Standard, nor can they take a Vox-caster.

The MasterofMelee disputes my 'Marginal' rating for Ratlings, rightly pointing out that: for 11 points apiece with a +1 to cover save and the ability to choose being pinned, I think Ratlings can be an amazingly annoying unit.

Now admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Sniper Rifles anyway, but I agree that occasionally they come in handy. Just remember that you're going to be spending a doctrine point for a 0-1 unit choice, so make the most of it if you take some Sniper Rifles -- take the full squad of 10 or none at all. Too bad you can't give them the Sharpshooters discipline -- but their BS4 and sniper rifle armament both make that impossible.

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