Sanctioned Psykers

Sanctioned Psykers (require Doctrine Point)
: Marginal at best

The problem is that these guys are by nature RANDOM. That's one reason they're moderately cheap, but that also makes just one or two fairly pointless, and in small games (1000 points or less) it's better to invest in more heavy weapons instead!

If you do take Psykers, remember that they can't take 5-pt power weapons; they have to spend 25 pts for a force-weapon instead, which in their hands is really much too pricey. You COULD give a psyker the Honorifica Imperialis, but unfortunately there's no guarantee that they'll get a useful power to aid them.

Your best bet with Psykers is to take the full allotment of five, for a mere 60 points (and not too many points more for upgrades) -- this increases your odds of getting at least one useful power, and enough psykers that you can place them in the units that can best take advantage of that power. Still -- this is really not a great investment, and the Psyker is clearly your #3 advisor choice, compared to Commissars and Priests.

The uses of the various Psyker powers should be fairly obvious, but here's a quick run-down anyway:

(2) Telepathic order: put this psyker with your senior-most officer. This is a great ability if your senior-most officer is hanging back with the bulk of your army, and still quite decent even if your senior-most officer is designed to rush forward and assault things.

(3) Psychic Ward: a psyker with Psychic Ward is not useful behind an infantry screen -- every psychic power that can pinpoint specific characters or models requires line-of-sight, as well as those that target units, so the Psyker's unit is safe if properly screened. The psyker is much more useful in a unit that plans to get to grips with the enemy.

(4) Psychic Lash: as a purely close-combat ability, the Psyker with this power obviously should be with a unit that plans to get close to an opponent.

(5) Machine Curse: as a touch-range power, this Psyker should be attached to units that are designed to get close to enemy vehicles -- such as meltagun-heavy units in transports, melta-bomb units, and the like. If you have no such unit, they're still most useful in assault-oriented units.

(6) Lightning Arc: given the range of this power, you can keep it the Psyker back behind your lines. With a pathetic BS2, however, this mere S3 shooting power is only marginally superior to none at all.

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