Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers (require Doctrine Point)
: Good

Now at a competitive points-cost, Stormtroopers are a solid choice in an Imperial Guard army; with their good leadership, 4+ armor save, BS4, and free frag and krak grenades. This makes them somewhat more durable than regular Guard units -- one that can take two special weapons instead of just a special and heavy. You can even give the entire unit Meltabombs, or take variable squad sizes! This means that you can field mobile, anti-vehicular units (by taking two meltaguns in a small squad, and adding meltabombs and a Chimera), solid and mobile units designed to contest objectives (a 10-man unit in a Chimera) -- Stormtroopers do this better than Armored Fists, by the way -- or even as small firebases, by taking five models with two plasmaguns!

A subtle benefit of Stormtroopers is the targeter on their hellguns. It has two uses that may not be immediately be obvious, although it's not always going to come in handy. First, by using it while you're near other units you can easily range-find for units without targeters. Second, you're allowed to use it before you actually shoot -- or not -- with the Stormtroopers. That means that you can measure to nearby units and determine whether or not you're within assault range (!) before blasting away!

The primary drawbacks of the unit are its cost and limited tactical uses. Although it comes with a long list of options, virtually all of them are intended for close-range work; this is not a sit-back-and-shoot-at-long-range unit. Furthermore, a few options aren't terribly useful. The Veteran Sergeant, for example, gains only a single attack -- and can't use officer's weapons from the armory. But on the whole, these quibbles are fairly minor.

By the by, it's rarely useful to give a unit the Infiltrate ability, and certainly not worth paying for in this case unless you have a very specific use for the ability in mind. Imperial Guard units just aren't durable enough to infiltrate into forward positions, not even when they have 4+ armor saves... The Deep Strike ability, on the other hand, is marginally more useful -- although by taking it, you're giving up your Transport option (though note that there's a nifty round-about way to give a unit a Transport anyway -- see the Enginseer).

Good Doctrine Combos:
Grenadiers allows you to field up to three Stormtrooper squads as Troops choices (without having to spend a Doctrine Point for 'regular' Stormtroopers as an Elites choice, either!); not a bad option if you're planning to use Stormtroopers as your Armored Fist substitute, or if you want to save your Elites slots for something else. Keep in mind that in general, however, Storm Troopers (and Stormtroopers taken as Grenadiers) do not count as "Guard Infantry" for the purpose of many Doctrine upgrades.

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