John Bianchi - Khorne

The Cult of the Mamartines

by John Bianchi

If you visit these pages at all, you'll see that I play human armies; Bretonians, Empire, Kislevites, and Tileans. I love them because, in game terms, humans are a good value. They've got numbers and reasonable quality at a moderate cost. However, the real reason I play them is their historicity; I like to build medieval and renaissance figures.

The only non-human troops that show up in my armies are ogres, dwarves, and occassional greenskins. I've enjoyed modeling those, but I've never really branched out into making a real 'fantasy' army.

That's why when I heard that Matt, Todd, Jeff and Matt were thinking about putting together a collection of Cult-themed Chaos armies and were looking for a few bad men, I was intrigued. This would be pretty much unlike any army I'd ever played in terms of look and tactics, and that was appealing. Also, since the boys were looking for a Khorne player, and because I hate magic almost as much as yellow squash, I felt the pull of the Blood God.

The armies would be centered on average rank and file troops, with things like knights being truly rare. These were supposed to be cults that might exist just under the surface of a major city, its members passing unnoticed until the call to arms is sounded.

As I considered the look I wanted, a story came together in my mind that meshed with that look and the cult concept. What kind of cultist would pass unnoticed most easily? How about hiding in plain sight?

I would build an army of Tilean mercenaries (not another one you say!) that hail from Sartosa, hiring out for jobs on the fringes of the Old World. Their look would be based on ancient Tilean kit and their style of fighting would harken back to classical infantry/chariot warfare in the way of ancient Tilean city-states. These mercenaries would, of course, worship the ancient Tilean God of War Mamers, a bloodthirsty deity bearing a striking resemblance to Khorne. As the mercenaries' skills and fearsome reputation grow, so does their devotion to Mamers. Before they realize how Mamers and Khorne are connected, they have become full acolytes worshipping at the altar of the Blood God himself. And so...the Cult of the Mamertines was born.

Here's the working list:

Lord & Heroes
Mamers, Demon Prince
Master of Mortals, Soul Hunger, Blade of the Ether, Mark of Khorne

A living embodiment of the Tilean War Deity, Mamers has become potent enough through blood sacrifices made in his name to have taken physical form. This horrible spectre now leads his devotees in battle, and with each victory, becomes stronger.
Phobos & Deimos, Exalted Champions
Great Weapons, Chaos Armour, Shields, Marks of Khorne

No one knows or remembers the names of the two captains who served the Mamertines previous general, Dionysius of Syracuse. Now styling themselves in name and appearance as the sons of Mamers, they serve a new general, and are only known by the ancient names meaning 'Fear' and 'Terror'.
Core Units
2 units of 19 Marauders with full command and shields
2 Chariots with the Mark of Khorne
4 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds

Other than those two lovely, frenzied chariots, there's not much there. Ranks for combat resolution from the marauders, and preventing frenzied Khorne units from erupting too soon is the function of both the marauders and hounds. Since I want a real neo-classical attic theme for them, these mortals will be represented by Alcatani Fellowship models for the marauders, Mordheim and old Wood Elf dogs for the hounds, and Tomb Kings chariots along with Lorenzo Lupo models to portray Chaos warriors in appropriate chariots. Sure they're all smaller than the official Chaos models; psychologically, that may work in my favor...

Special Units
2 units of 13 Bloodletters, full command
1 unit of 5 Fleshounds of Khorne
1 unit of 5 Furies

It only makes sense that as the Mamertines become more closely aligned with Khorne, demons will materialize on this side of the warp and flock to their signifier. These are small units with a limited usefulness, and because of frenzy, they'll need to be carefully handled and screened until ready to go. The furies are there to hunt down warmachines, stop marches, and help prevent Mamers from getting triggered too soon.

Rare Units
Dionysius of Syracuse, Bloodbeast of Khorne

Dionysius, the founder of the Mamertines, has been rewarded by the Blood God for his unknowing service with a gift of all the wine he can drink. Problem is, the fruit of Mamers´┐Ż vines has transformed Dionysius into, well, a big drunken spawn... such are the rewards of serving the God of War.

Funny thing here - when you think about it, I'm actually STILL building a historically based human army.

I just can't get away from it, can I?

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