Kroot? The cannibal chickens from space? Those guys whose purpose in life is to make Fire Warriors look badass?

Kroot? Why would anyone take Kroot?

Let me tell you what's up with the Kroot. Basic human stats, S4, A2, ignore the bad parts of woods, get all the good parts and a +1 to their cover save, and a bolter. For just two more points than a guardsman! With the exception of Jarheads, Toasters, Nuns, Little Japanese Guys and Bugs (sigh... Marines, Necrons, Battle Sisters, Tau and Tyranids sigh) any army may add up to 6 units from their list. Not too shabby.

Now any army that lacks numbers can beef up their ranks with cheap cannon fodder. Any army that lacks good, cheap hand-to-hand units can get some counter assaulters. Any army that lacks infiltrators can have tons of them. Any army that lacks snipers can have a unit of them. The list goes on and on... Well, maybe not that far. Let's just say the list goes on.

And Kroot is such a fun word to say. Say it now KROOOOOOOOOOOT! Isn't that fun?

In short, if you play any army that can use Kroot you need to read this and consider adding some. And if your army can't use Kroot, you'll still want to read this to be ready for the Kroot tidal wave this article will start.

Even if you have no interest in painting up the Kroot models, (I like them but they are fiddly to assemble) you should to read this. In recent years 40k players have been very understanding about using existing rules to represent offbeat models like Chaos Marine Skaven or Salamander Squat. You do this by looking at the rules for a unit, without paying any attention to the background or models behind it.

Since Kroot have the same basic stats as humans or Eldar but with a higher strength, an extra attack and woodland skills they could represent all sorts of human or alien groups. The rules might not fit exactly but they're usually good enough. I use a mob of combat servitors as Kroot in my Imperial army, while that fits the extra strength and attack it does not explain the fieldcraft skill. I could say they're lumberjack servitors or something lame like that but most of the time I don't let it bother me and you should not let it bother you. This is a game and we should all relax. Someday GW will have rules for every miniature they have ever made or thought of and we won't have to shoehorn things into other sets of rules. But until that day, we do the best we can.

One thing worth noting, this article is very much centered on Kroot as allies. I really have little interest in playing an all Kroot army I'm afraid. My main interest is finding interesting and new tactical and modeling opportunities for them in other armies. If you do want to play the all Kroot force, more power to you, I hope some of my ideas can be helpful.

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