page id: 186 Battle Report II (Sabotage): Ken's Imperial Guard face off again with Jim's ork speed freeks in this bloody battle for control of a power plant. If the orks destroy the generator, it's lights out for

Out Wit' Da Lights

Pre-game: The Sabotage mission utilizes Infiltrators, Sentries, and Reserves, but neither player had infiltrating units, Jim's Speed Freeks couldn't be sneaky (vehicles automatically raise the alarm), and there was only a single unit in reserve: the Ogryn. Given that the Power Generator terrain piece is so large, it was agreed that only one specific part of it, a piece which looks like a control box on one side, would be the Objective. And, with no Fighta-Bomma raid, Jim having foregone the points, there was very little else left to do.

An overview of the table before deployment

The IG deploy, make that cluster, around the objective.

Ork Turn 1: With a mighty roar, the Speed Freeks race onto the table, screaming around trees and buildings as they charge towards the power generator. At the last minute, however, the drivers notice that there are an awful LOT of guns pointed their way, and with a mighty WAAAGH the trukks race behind cover. Red Skwad skids behind a convenient humie building, the Nobs seek partial cover behind some trees, and Blue Skwad huddles near some small septic tanks, while Black Skwad slues to a halt behind some massive rail containers. The Battlewagon, far too big and lumbering to be making such sudden moves, simply rumbles forward and aims its Zzap gun, shaking the Chimera and preventing it from using its fearsome Heavy Flamer in the next turn. Then, in a flurry of big shoota fire, the Skarboyz on board manage to wipe out half the Armored Fist squad! With the Colonel so close, however, they stick tight and grimly prepare to respond in kind.

The orks race on the table and get behind great cover, or so they thought!

Guard Turn 1: The Chimera quickly pulls into reverse and roars back out of the way of the Zzap gun -- and out of the way of the imperial weaponry! Sentinel Alpha moves a bit closer to the action, and then the entire Guard force belches forth a hail of gunfire. Three of the Ork Trukks are blown to bits, although Red Skwad's trukk seems to have found some excellent cover and cannot be targeted by any of the Guardsmen. The Orks lose a few of their number from each skwad falling from the trukks, but cunningly fall behind the cover of their wrecked vehicles. With few targets left, the remaining weapons turn their attention to the Battlewagon, managing to Stun it and prevent it from either moving or shooting in the following turn.

The battlewagon comes on and is promptly stunned.

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