page id: 186 Battle Report II (Sabotage): Ken's Imperial Guard face off again with Jim's ork speed freeks in this bloody battle for control of a power plant. If the orks destroy the generator, it's lights out for

Out Wit' Da Lights

Ork Turn 4: The Skarboyz, having refused to flee previously, move forward firing sluggas ineffectually, and send three burna blasts into the ranks of Squad Akira, wiping out half of them. They then rush forward into assault, attacking both Antiope (who rally when faced with this new Ork threat) and Stalwart from the rear! Combined with the Nobs, the two Ork units shred the hapless Guardsmen, and the Ogryn run into difficulty trying to punch through the Heavy Armour of the Nobs (the three Ogryn survivors having wisely decided to avoid the Mega-Armoured Nobs!). The screams and curses of Colonel Ran-Lo keep all those Guardsmen still standing locked in the furious struggle, however, and with the fate of their distant brethren on other battle-fronts on their shoulders, they throw themselves into the fray with redoubled effort, keeping the Nobs from reaching their objective!

Guard Turn 4: With everything on the line, the remaining Guard units rush into the fray. The two Chimeras rumble ominously forward, ready to set flame to everything if the Orks should win the combat, but for now their crews can only watch helplessly as their comrades struggle to drag down the last few handfuls of Orks. The forces have been reduced to 3 Ogryn, 2 officers, and 36 guardsmen facing 9 Skarboyz, 2 Meks, 5 Nobs, and a Warboss, and the struggle continues to go badly for the Guard, who lose another 13 men, although between the Ogryn and the officers, they drag down several Nobs, and most of the Skarboyz, in return! But with the losses they sustained, they can no longer prevent several of the Orks from reaching the objective, and over the comms, Colonel Ran-Lo hears with sinking heart that Imperial reserves are still many minutes away.

Ork Turn 5: Everyone is locked in combat, and now three Nobs and Warboss Buzzaw start mashing crude explosives around the heavily armored control box, all the while flailing around them with vicious Ork weaponry. But, distracted by the effort of planting charges, Buzzaw and one of the Nobs assisting him, and the nearby Big Mek directing them both, are dragged down by a desperate swarm of Guardsmen! The Nobs still manage to kill six more Guardsmen, but heartened by the loss of the Ork Warboss, the humans refuse to flee.

The objective is finally reached, but can it be destroyed?

Guard Turn 5: The combat continues fast and furious, and the Guardsmen drag down another Nob and the last of the Skarboyz, leaving three Nobs, two in Mega-armour, remaining. Bewildered by the swirling combat, the Nobs kill only a single Ogryn, and suddenly the loss of the Warboss and of virtually all of their compatriots is too much. With a loud wail of despair, the last three Orks rush off, leaving their Orky explosives still piled up around the control box, but with the charges only half set. The Guardsmen have managed to pull victory from out of the hat at the proverbial eleventh hour! The weary survivors set to carefully removing the explosives, even as Central Command briefly informs them that reinforcements are still a good ten minutes away……

The handful of IG survivors pose for a victory photo.


Ken: Yeesh! I don't mind telling you that was far, far too close. It came down to a Moral High Ground on the very last turn (we each did 3 wounds to each other), and Jim lost. And ran. Throughout the entire battle my honorable opponent was rolling far, far too many of his cover saves and armor saves (I think I managed to wound his mega-armored Nobs over 20 times, but he didn't fail a single one of their saves!). At one point he had his daughter Megan rolling saves, and I'll just say that she was rolling even better than Jim (AUGH!). Combined with yet another game in which my Guardsmen couldn't hit the broad side of a barn when I was counting on them to, I felt for sure that Jim would win. The only thing that kept me in it so long was a sequence of critical rolls to determine which side would consolidate first into combat; without those rolls in my favor, Jim would have won by the middle of turn 4. And if Jim hadn't been so concerned about cover, but had simply charged in at top speed with his Trukks (and damn the losses!), he could have swarmed me and wiped me out with time to spare to head back and blow the objective!

Despite the fact that I'd much prefer to win by blowing my enemy away in a horrifically lop-sided victory, a win is a win, and I'll take it. Ultimately however, this game was all about the vagaries of the dice -- and now it's two games in a row in which my Guardsmen have beaten Jim's Orks in the crucial assault phase, and done poorly in the shooting phase. Just don't expect to see my Guardsmen assaulting regularly any time soon, though, because I'm still a shooty kind of guy.

Jim: Another loss to Ken,"champion of the extremely average". My orks can usually bully their way through most armies, but the sheer number of guardsmen Ken fields makes that much more difficult. He managed to keep me away from that objective by consistently winning the consolidation roll-off and pinning me mere inches from the control box!

Even so, I still should have had him this time. My biggest mistake was putting too much faith in the cover my trukks got behind on the first round. (I am still protesting the line of sight Ken claimed to at least one of my trukks!). I should have moved the full 25" with everything on turn one. As it was, I wound up being shot up and I wasn't even within assault range on round two with most of my units.

Excuses aside, this was a good battlewith a nail-biting end. I was not happy about the whole game coming down to a single moral high ground roll, but that's the way the squig bounces sometimes. Next time Ken, next time...

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