Substitute Models

Another way to go with Kroot is to create something entirely new, neither ordinary Kroot nor a variation on your main army.

As I said, this article was inspired by a plan to use Skaven models as Kroot Hunters to represent Nocturnal Warriors of the Hrud. Ewoks, Wookies, Predators, Klingons, werewolves or vampires would also fit the profile. There are a lot of miniatures out there I would love to use in 40k and with a bit of converting they can be Kroot of one form or another. Some players will dislike that kind of strangeness but others will welcome seeing something new in the game. Get a feel for how your local group likes odd conversions and armies.

Black Orc Games 100 Kingdoms offers all sorts of lizards, gorillas, felines and other bizarre races any one of which might appeal to a would-be world builder.

Copplestone Castings makes some familiar looking 'hunter' aliens.

Confrontation Wolfen also look right for Kroot stats.

Cell Entertainment appears to have closed down which is a shame because their 1999 figures are some of the nicest pieces of pewter around. Pick them up if you can find them.

Dark Age Games draws inspiration from the fantasy artist Brom for some beautiful and downright disturbing figures.

Excelsior Entertainment has a lot of standard human and humanoid models for Chronopia and Warzone as well as some bizarre concepts that would work well.

I-Kore's Void and Celtos games have all sorts of lightly armored human troops to substitute for Kroot.

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