The Basic Dwarf

The basic Dwarven statline is amongst the best in the game. In some areas. At a glance one will see Weapon Skill 4, Toughness 4, and leadership of 9. Before you whip out your dick and do a little jig lets look at the statline in its entirety. These guys cannot move for shit. They hit slow (initiative 2) and will rarely get the charge (movement 3), nor will they outmaneuver anything. This mix of good and bad basically means that they'll do well where you put them so long as you put them someplace where they can do well. At 7 points with light armor the basic Dwarf is still a bargain, but only if you know how to get the most out of him. He's more expensive than lots of troops out there so every single Dwarf in your army is a precious link in the chain.

I've got points to burn, so what should I buy my little fellers?

I can't believe you think you've got points to burn. Are you crazy? What did I just say? Maybe you should be playing Skaven or Goblins buddy, because in a Dwarf list every damn point counts. And Dwarfs are not "little fellers". I don't know where you got that from but call them that and you've lost the game before it's begun. Now listen up.

The basic Dwarf Warrior is a steal, so you're going to want to take plenty of him. You don't leave home without at least 3 units of Dwarf Warriors. This is non negotiable, they're the staple of the army. I'm of the philosophy that you just don't hand out combat result bonuses to the opponent, and outnumbering is a big one (because effectively one person is losing the +1 and the other gaining it). Given this these units should be in the range of 20-25 strong which should allow you to contest outnumbering after your volleys of ancient ordnance help whittle down your enemy. Now its simply a matter of picking their equipment, of which they can take a nice variety: Shields, Heavy Armor, and Great Weapons.

Configuration 1: Hand Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armor
Every little Dwarf is precious which is why you'll want a good number of them to enjoy the boundless benefits of a solid set of armor. A unit of this sort will prove incredibly durable. You'll find yourself taking few casualties from the average enemy unit you encounter (don't place them across from enemy heavy hitters of strength 5 or more) which will allow you to grind them down (these units are ideal for characters with great weapons which can dish it out while the unit takes it). As far as killing the enemy don't expect much from these guys. If they can fell one enemy then be pleased. They hit often as not but don't put any real zest behind their blows. If you like zesty blows then you're in luck because there's a whole other way you can field your basic Dwarf.

Configuration 2 - Light Armor, Great Weapon
"But Jarrett!" you squeal, "you just said every little Dwarf is precious!" What? I never said any such thing! Never call a Dwarf precious! The first thing that will hit you about Configuration 2 is the lack of heavy armor. Yes, I know it's one measly point. The 5+ Armor save you get is pretty measly too. Think about it. These saves are most worthwhile vs. strength 3 enemies against which they will prevent 1/3 of the typical 1 wound suffered on a 5 or a 6 (1/2 of that 1/3 is saved by the light armor you already get for free). Versus enemies at strength 4 this save is significantly reduced to a 6+ and you'll likely make none. My general rule is that if a save isn�t 4+ or better its not worth paying for.

Now the good part: the aptly named Great Weapon. I love this option. Your Dwarfs are slow which means they'll typically get charged. They've also got initiative 2. Could Games Development be sending a clearer signal that automatically striking last means nothing in the case of Dwarfs? Not to mention that should you miraculously/deviously get the charge (you'll see that these are pretty much your only two means of charging) you get to strike first anyway. So, as the most significant drawback of the great weapon is nonexistent when it comes to your average Dwarf, you're receiving pure benefits (+2 strength is sweet) and paying the same as everyone else. This is also coupled with your hardiness which means most of your Dwarfs will survive to strike back, and strike heavily.

Configuration 3 - Your Bargain Basement Stunty... (the other, other way to field a Dwarf)
Now I don't field any of these but I figured they were worth mentioning for those extremely scrupulous individuals that don't let a single point be spent frivolously in their entire list. Your Bargain Basement Stunty is a Dwarf Warrior with shield for 8 points. Achieving a respectable 4+ armor save in close combat these guys will sometimes allow you to squeak out (with some extreme trimming) another rank and file unit where there was none before. These are as cheap as a Dwarf gets within reason and if you're to have one unit 25 large this would be the cheapest way to do it.

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