The Cult of Change

'Mad' Matt Birdoff's monthly chronicle of how he will build a fully converted Warhammer Fantasy army for the 2004 tournament season.

Part 2: It Grows

Well, damn if this army is not fun to work on! I've been scorching through the army, doing a lot of beastmen conversions, painting Chosen, Centigors, and Marauders, and planning the display base � a busy month! First, I finished off the first Marauder unit, here:

In all, these timed out to about two hours per model, mostly due to the skirts. I ended up using 5 shades of gray just to get from Fortress Gray to white, all watered down, and it was a bit of work. But it also makes the unit visually striking, with lots of depth and detail from a distance. The gold trim went like clockwork once I got going, and I'm ready to try something more ambitious on the Daemon Prince and Exalted when the time comes. Maybe a silver cloth mural? We'll see...

One big change from the test shots was the base coloring. The original gray was too light, and looked more like flagstone than marble. Additionally, I planned to have gray stone walls on the temple, and wanted to get some contrast between the temple floor and walls. So black and blue marble was in, gray flagstone was out. The marble effect is pretty easy to pull off; it's just random rough brush strokes, highlighted up a bit.

The standard and musicians took a bit of converting, and I ended up liking the burning brazier standard so much I think I'll end up lining the walls of the temple with additional braziers. It'll give me the opportunity to try some cool painted on lighting effects as well.

Next up was the real fun stuff, the 'changed' portion of the army. Centigors and Beastmen!

These were a blast to convert, as I got to really dig out every unused bit I'd kept over the past 8 years. I've seen people try this kind of thing before, both successfully and unsuccessfully. The trick is to really plan out each individual model, each pose, before you even start. It's not as simple as just gluing random bits together, even though that's what the desired result is. There has to be a plan! Little details like the spawn holding the spear with 2 hands need to be mapped out before any glue is, umm, glued.

When painting them, I knew I wanted them to look like a unified unit, even though each model was totally different. Otherwise it would have been too much to look at. Not cohesive enough. So I picked up the paint scheme of my Screamers, and applied it across the board.

Once the Centigors were up and running, I converted the 'beast'men using the same general concept- humans who were changed by the Cultists. The 'fortunate' changed men are the Gors, who are still able to get around. Here they are:

The more, er, unfortunate recipients of this 'gift' are the ungors. I can sort of imagine them begging 'Kill me now. Please! It Huuuurts!'

These used parts from zombies, marauders, kroot, lizardmen, tyranids, spawn, and skaven. To work with the purple/blue/pink color scheme, I stayed with reptilian type models. Pink fur just wouldn't look right! These really got me juiced, so much so that I think a full beastmen army is in the cards once the GT army is done.

Finally, I started working up the Chosen, which are about 1/2 done. More on them next month, but here's a preview:

Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting! So far I�m about even over a dozen games. The list works well against armies without a lot of magic, which is odd because you'd think a tzeentch army would control the magic phase. But with just 1 dispel scroll and 5 dice, I've taken very bad (abysmally bad!) losses against Nidal's magic heavy orcs. On the flip side, I've been doing a real number on cavalry armies such as Brettonnia and Kislev, which is a pleasure seeing as how my old Chaos Dwarves usually lost to such lists. Provided I can keep my Prince alive, I generally keep close against all comers. I haven't fought undead or shooty empire/elves yet � and undead may be a big problem � but it's too late to change my list, so there's nothing to do about it.

Next Month: the finished Chosen, a painted unit of Changed Men, and some progress on the display base!

Done In Progress Not Started
20 Cultists
2 chariots
5 Screamers
5 Centigors
20 Cultists
10 Chosen warriors
10 Beastmen
10 Beastmen
Daemon Prince
Exalted on Disc
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
2 Spawn
Chariot crews
Chariot bases
Screamers bases
display base
custom codex

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