page id: 188 Battle Report VII (Patrol): Two GT armies face off at the infamous Battle Bunker, Nidal's Emperor's Wounds vs. Jim K.'s Kult of Speed, Klan Skullkrakka. By Nidal Nasr

The Emperor's Wounds

The orks, blocked from the marines on one side, wheeled their trucks in the other direction jumping trenches to get at the marines. Overhead, the vulcha boyz circled before diving on the unit in the woods that had just killed two of their members. One of the trucks opened fire on the land speeders, downing one. As the marine pilot crashed to the ground, he had the presence of mind to force the falling craft to crash right in one of the two roads, permanently blocking it and slowing the ork’s advance. But two other war trucks would be in range soon enough to deliver their lethal cargo… except… Screech.. Crash! The warlord’s trukk, weighed down with it’s heavy closed top armor, fell right into one of the ditches… it would take those orks two more turns to lift the trukk out of the ditch, even with the aid of three suits of hydraulically powered mega-armor. As the Leman Russ began took aim, an inexperienced grot inside the vehicle pushed the wrong button, causing the tank to lurch forward into the open, preventing the giant gun from firing on the thankful marines.

The boyz swimming in the river finally decided to start clambering out… but then though better of it and spent another turn inhaling the fumes. As they looked up, they could have sworn they saw giant bats. Mmmmm.. tasty! The vulcha boyz crashed into the marine unit, killing most of them, though the remaining warriors were too stubborn to run. The marines caused no casualties, but the ground was less forgiving to the flying beasts as two of them relived the experience of many goblin doom divers before them.

The trukk boyz finally scramble out of the river only to be pounced on by marine bikers while other marines sell thier lives to delay the trukks.

The marines on top of the now-blocked road leveled their weapons in an attempt to destroy the remaining orkish trukks, but to no avail. The predator fired it’s lascannons at the distant Leman Russ, but was unable to penetrate the armored hide. The Chaplain and Librarian finally joined the fight, charging into the Vulcha boyz, beating them back toward the river. The chaplain, furious with the destruction of the patrolling unit, followed the fleeing orcs into the open, knowing that, though they would not return to battle today, they would certainly return another day. Several marines joined the battle on the outskirts, loading their weapons in preparation for the order to fire at the immobilized wagon.

Then, the unexpected happened… the marines saw a grot at the back of the battlewagon single-handedly push the giant vehicle right out of the river as his orkish taskmasters hurled both insults and bottles at him. He nearly pushed it right into the marine lines, and 20 cabin-feverish greenskins jumped out, assaulting the newly formed marines. A shell from the Leman Russ impacted the marine line, destroying the rhino, predator, and killing 2 marines. At the same time, from the nearby truck, 10 more orks poured into the marine’s left flank. The marines fought valiantly, eventually beating back the orks through sheer hatred alone. But the cost paid had been tremendous. They had lost nearly three fourths of their number. All that remained of the imperium’s forces were a few scattered marines, the chaplain and the librarian as the marines caught a glimpse of the warlord in the distance dispatching the assassin behind some trees before jumping back in his truck.

The battlewagon is freed from the river and unloads its deadly cargo of skarboyz.

As it was obvious that the depleted marine force had no way of dealing with the looted tank in the distant hills before it destroyed them all, and the warlord and his retinue were still untouched, the bunker commanders ended the simulation. As one last test, they allowed the chaplain to test his assault prowess against the warlord. What he learned was that assaulting an orkish warlord in 'eavy armor with a powerclaw was not a wise decision. Life is the emperor’s currency. They had not spent it well.

The ork warboss and his retinue disembark to deal with the assassin.

Lessons learned by the marines: #1 Move quicker to block an assault army’s lines of access to your shooting force. #2 Do not waste your assassin trying to stun vehicles when she could be used to kill troops, especially when you have other ways of stopping a vehicle’s advance. #3 using crashed land speeders to block narrow points of access (bridges, etc.) is an excellent use of such vehicles. #4 Assaulting an orkish warlord without the use of a powerfist is a poor idea indeed. #5 (and most importantly) DO NOT PLAY PATROL AGAINST SPEED FREEKS!!!!!! (as they all enter the game in the first turn, whereas you must wait two turns for anyone to show up.)

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