Todd Wiatt - Nurgle

The Carnival of Chaos

by Todd Wiatt

With the GT a little over a month away the Carnival of Chaos is coming along pretty good. The going is a bit slow but I foresee no problem finishing in time. I have changed my army list a few dozen times. Play testing has taught me a thing or two I did not expect. Marauders really have a hard time winning HtH combats. To beef up my fighting power I thought about doing a conversion for a giant. The idea was a bit too big for me to pull off so I dropped the giant for some Ogres. The Mordenheim Brute models fit my armies look perfectly and with some conversions they will add some muscle to a weak army.

I also learned a lot from the new Bretonnian book. My army could not handle 2+ save knights at all. To counter this I added the Great Fang(no saves) on one of my heroes. I expect to see a lot of heavy knights at the GT so it feels like a good move. I dropped the idea of casting any spells. Nurgle magic just doesn't seem to work without a lot of dice. I just don't want to spend much more than 25% on characters in 2,000 points. The army plays o.k. and if I don't face hard armies I will hold my own. I do not expect to win much though. Without shooting and magic my army has to do everything in close combat, BUT my troops are weak at HtH. Perhaps Papa Nurgle will smile on me and a flu will break out just before game 1. I will need all the help I can get!

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion of Nurgle
Book of Secrets, Great Weapon, shield, riding a Chariot of Nurgle
Exalted Champion of Nurgle
Great Fang, shield, barded chaos steed
Beastman Shaman
2 dispel scrolls, bray staff

Core Units
2 units of 20 Marauders
Full command, light armor, shields

1 unit of 20 Marauders
Full command, flails

Chariot of Nurgle (for the Exalted Champion)

Chariot of Nurgle

6 Marauder Cavalry

Full command, flails, shields

Special Units
2 Nurgling bases

8 Furies

4 Ogres

Heavy Armor, Great Weapons, full command

Beast Herd
7 gors, 7 ungors, full command.

Rare Units
Chaos Spawn


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