Warhammer Fantasy is Best II

Why Skaven Players Can Kiss My Ass


All right, so maybe many of you are tired of playing the old cheesy super-duper-my-10-attack-Chaos-Lord-will-eat-you-for-dinner version of Fantasy. I know I was. I've played games that were over before I got to go, thanks to either a turbo-charged Vermin Lord, Curse of Years spell, or other such nonsense. Well, that stuff is all gone, my friend. And the toning down of characters and spells is THE main change in the new version. Here's how they did it.

Character Slots

The new version limits you to 4 characters in a 2000 pt. game. No more 50% allowance. Once you figure in a General, Battle Standard Bearer, and Wizard, you only have 1 'extra' slot available to do bad, beardy things with. This numerical limit gets rid of lots of nasty old habits. Consider by army:

*Empire can no longer have a unit of character knights

*Orcs and goblins have to actually use their low unit leadership, and Goblins can't have a full rank of cheap heroes, as before.

*Chaos was already limited, so this doesn't affect them

*Skaven can't have lots of nasty assassins

*neither can Dark Elves

*Brettonia gets 1 extra slot, but is still vastly limited compared to the old 75% allowance it used to get

*Lizardmen can't take 6 skink shamans with dispel scrolls

*Chaos Dwarves can't have tons of cheap hobgoblin heroes

Magic Items

Magic item's powers have gone way down, and at the same time, the cost has gone way up. Further, Heroes are limited to 50pts. of magic, and Lords get 100 pts. Add these factors together, and you'll find that characters are limited to either 1 good magic item, or 2 ok ones. Generally speaking, characters who choose to tool up with a bad ass magic weapon won't have points left over for magic armour or a ward save. Plus, overused 'trick' items are gone altogether (crown of command, for one), and the remaining items have been distributed by race. Most Ravening Horde lists have about 10 items available.

Points Costs

While characters, magic items, and monsters have gone up in points cost, troops have gone down about 20%. You'll get more troops, point for point, than you could characters. Armies that were previously unable to buy masses of foot troops suddenly can, even for elite foot troops. The effect on the game is dramatic. Troops rule, and characters are now useful only in role situations. There are too many units on the board for a single model to run rampant.

New Magic System

Magic is now MUCH less powerful, and alot easier to use. If you go all out for magic, the best you'll get are a couple of spells a turn that might kill 10 or so unarmoured troops. All the old game ending spells are either toned down to the maximum, or eliminated altogether. The worst magic won't win or lose the game for anybody. Even armies without mages altogether don't suffer. Magic cannot win the game anymore. Skaven and Undead can kiss my ass.

The whole system has also been revamped. The cards are gone; the whole thing is dice based and s-i-m-p-l-e.

Combat Resolution

mostly the same, except you get +1 for outnumbering the enemy. One more way to depower characters.

War Machines

Are no longer large targets (which means shooting them is tougher). Misfires are toned down, and templates now wound all models under them (like 40k) instead of every other model. This means they are MUCH better in 6th edition, and better war machines means single model characters are more exposed then ever.

Big Nasty Monsters

Less powerful, more expensive, no flying high, 20" fly range, and limited to Lords (of which you can have only 1) means they really do suck in 6th edition. No more toughness 7, by the way.


OK, I'm tired and cranky. I just want to play Fantasy. If you don't want to play by now, there ain't much I can do to convince you.

I could try yelling. "PLAY FANTASY NOW!! WIMPS! COWARDS!!!"

I could try bribery. "If you beat me, I'll buy the beer. I'll even stop sleeping with your mom!!"

Or I could just ask nicely.

"Won't you please come to the Warmonger Club this Wednesday so we could have a nice game of toy soldiers?"

Ahhhh. That's better. See you next week!

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