Jeff Leong - Slaanesh

The Cult of the Snake

by Jeff Leong

It all started rather innocuously, if you can believe it. It'll help if I back up just a touch first. I started playing a Dark Elf army when the new army book came out � loved the models and wanted to use more Fast Cavalry after playing my Empire Pistolliers for a while. Anyway, so I bought up just about everything the army had and started putting it together and seeing what worked for me on the tabletop. As with many Dark Elf armies, I ended up with a huge reliance on Corsairs and Dark Riders. Unlike many Druchii generals, however, I just couldn't bring myself to field frenzied Witch Elves, and, since I couldn't field them un-frenzied, perhaps the best models in the Dark Elf range sat on my shelf. After the 2002 GT Season, I wanted to move on from the Dark Ones, but I had gotten kind of used to playing the "bad guy", which essentially ruled out a good number of the armies available.

As somewhat of a fluff-monkey (although not as big as some, I have found), I have always loved the story in 5th Edition of the High Elves under Tyrion fighting a Dark Elf army commanded by N'Kari, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. The idea of Elves falling to the lure of the Dark Prince began to take hold... combine that with Morathi's Cult of Slaanesh, and an army was born � the Cult of the Snake.

Well, the Cult of the Snake was a rather ambitious modeling project � a shade over 100 models that all had to have something done to them. I started fleshing out the army � Witch Elves and Wardancers became Marauders, Harpies were an easy choice as Furies, Elf Steeds replaced the horses, and various elf characters of all types made appearances as Chaos Warriors. About halfway through, the Beastman Preview List came out in White Dwarf, and all of a sudden I had the excuse for more conversions. A whole bunch of 40K Dark Eldar models entered the mix as Mandrakes became Gors, Grotesques transformed into Bestigors, and Urien Rakarth was reborn as a Bray-Shaman. It all came together quite well, and I was thrilled by the results. I didn't quite finish the army in time for the Baltimore GT, but the forces of Slaanesh finally made it out for the Philly GT.

When Matt started talking about getting all the Cults of Chaos together for Baltimore next year, I was definitely in... and the insidious forces of the Dark Prince of Pain and Pleasure will be unleashed on the unsuspecting cities of the Empire. Gone are the Chosen Knights, the Beasts, and the Dragon Ogre Drake � we will all now venture forth with a new look on Chaos... the hordes are here. Heck, with the group of folks we have in this group: Matthew York, Todd Wiatt, Matt Birdoff, and John Bianchi... we might even win a few games.

Either way... it'll be fun to try...

See you in Baltimore next year!!

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