Gary Essig

Forum Name:
"The Original Gary"
"The Dice gods are crapping on me once again."
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 1991
Claim To Fame:
Worst Dice Roller in the Warmonger Club and I Own one of Matt Birdoff
My Armies:
40K: Tyranids, Space Wolves, Eldar, Dark Eldar

Fantasy: Dwarves, High Elves

Napoleonics: French
Warmonger Nemesis:
Matt Birdoff and his Doompa Loompas
Beverage Of Choice:
Diet Snapple ice tea at game time, Harp post game.
Recent Plcings:
  • 2nd Place Overall 40K, Neutral Ground RT, Space Wolves.
  • 6th Place Overall Fantasy, Complete Strategist, High Elves


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