Black Legion

Why did you choose this chapter?
I didn�t choose it so much as they chose it for me! I wanted Tzeentch, Nurgle, or Word Bearers, but they were all taken. Then the guys promised me that the Black Legion would be the centerpiece army, and after a bit of nudging, I agreed.

What's your plan?
Well, to use as little BLACK as possible, that's for sure. Black armies tend not to look great on the tabletop, and I hope to compete for best painted, so I had to figure out a way to make Black legion look attractive. By combining marauder arms, torsos, and heads with CSM plastics, I developed a half-naked marine that wasn't quite so black. The whole army has a bit of a possessed Matrix kind of theme, with mutated purple-skinned legionnaires firing off wads of bullet casings. A bit of green stuff and cut plastic card rods did the trick.

I'm trying to paint in a Bobby Wong-esque painting style (lots of layered shading and non-metallic metallics). This has proven to be extremely time consuming, however, so the size of the finished army may suffer. My army list is totally in flux at the moment, but I will certainly have 1 unit of each Daemon type, a terminator unit, an assault CSM unit, and 2 Obliterators as part of it.

How far have you gotten thus far?
The Assault squad (see above) was the first I've completed, after which I did the Daemonettes and Plague Bearers. A lot more is assembled, but I�ve no idea what to paint next. I like the way the Daemons turned out, so probably more of them.

Each unit will have a very pale shade to their skin- the marines will all be pale purple, Daemonettes: blue, Nurgle Daemons: green, etc. This will hopefully both reinforce the idea that the marines themselves are somewhat possessed, and add some color to the otherwise dull black legion paint scheme, while retaining some unified color scheme throughout.

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