Emperor's Children

Why did you choose this chapter?
What I like most about the Emperor's Children Legion is their versatility. If you take loads of Noise Marines armed with sonic blasters and blastmasters, you could bring forth tons of firepower. This type of firepower could be highly lethal especially against horde type armies. On the other hand, if you use your troop choices to take packs of Daemonettes combined with marines armed with close combat weapons, you have an army that could easily tear through highly armed opponents.

What's your plan?
For the Grand Tournament I plan on combining both aspects of the list. I also plan to take a few specialized units to deal with specific threats. Two examples of these specialized units are the following: a unit of Possessed mounted in a Rhino and a unit of Noise Marine Havocs also mounted in a Rhino. The Possessed are a deadly assault force. Combine rending claws with the warp scream ability- nasty. The Noise Marine Havocs are the perfect mobile fire support unit. Due to the fact that their weapons have either an assault or heavy profile, they can deploy and re-deploy at maximum speed. And still unload serious amounts of firepower. To deal with enemy armor I'm going to use a few corrupted vehicles of my own. Probably a Dreadnought and a Predator, both kitted out with lascannons. I hope this list is going to be competitive and fun to play at the same time.

How far have you gotten thus far?
This is what I have painted so far, a unit of twelve marines, a pack of six Daemonettes, and a unit of six Possessed with their Rhino. I am currently working on my greater daemon, and my chaos lord with lightning claws. I hope to have 1850 points done in time for the Warmonger Rogue Trader, to give the list a practice run. It is time to buckle down and get painting. Pictures to come soon, I hope!

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