Iron Warriors

Why did you choose this chapter?
I choose Iron Warriors for one reason and one reason only. They are shooty, shooty, shooty! My first GT was Baltimore in 2001 and I brought Klan Skullkraka, my Ork Kult of Speed. Last year, I went to Baltimore and Philly and brought my rhino-heavy Clan Pestilens Death Guard (For those who have not seen them, they are a Nurgle Chaos Space Marines army converted to look like skaven). This year it was definately time for a non-assault army!

What's your plan?
My plan is to field a solidly-painted army with a few flashy centerpieces and grind my opponents into dust with a spectacularly evil army list (while trying not to piss them off too badly in the process!). I am going for the Overall Winner slot, though I know I have a slim chance at best. I figure if I shoot for the top spot I may place in the top 10, which is all I really want anyway. Well, that and to have a good time of course.

My "core" marines are regular Chaos Space Marine models (no conversions), painted to a good quality in a traditional Iron Warriors color scheme. My conversion work and detailed paint jobs will be lavished on my Chaos Lord, Defiler, and a few nifty details on my other vehicles.The large number of obliterators in my list will have minor conversion and putty work to make each one unique.

How far have you gotten thus far?
I have assembled all my basic infantry models and converted a single obliterator. I am still experimenting with the easiest way to achieve my color scheme while still keeping the quality high. As a result I have painted only 3, each with a different approach but the same end result. Once I settle on a method I will start banging those out first.

Iron Warrior basic infantry (click on picture for full-sized view)

My chaos lord (the most ambitous model in my army by far...details and photos to come!) has been started but is still in the "holding-pieces-together-and-squinting-at-it stage". My vehicles are either in the box or not purchased yet. Overall, I still have a buttload to do, but I haveno doubts that I will be ready for Baltimore.

More to come next month!

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