Thousand Sons

Why did you choose this chapter?
At first I chose the Thousand Sons because I wanted to make the Sorcerers counsel. As I began reading the Fantasy Hordes book I wanted to create an army list with a fantasy warband feel to it. I also felt it would be my first real exercise in serious model conversion.

What's your plan?
When the Chaos Codex actually came out I found that the point cost of the sorcerer council was much too cost prohibitive. I expected a small army but 9 sorcerers on discs with psychic powers and power weapons took up too many points. I toned down the council a bit and put them in a Rhino instead.

Two 9-man strong units of Thousand Sons are also in Rhinos to give them some mobility. Each unit also sports an aspiring champion with some sorcerer's punch. Every unit sports an icon bearer so that I can summon Flamers and Screamers to any position they are needed (hopefully).

One of my detachments is a unit of Possessed (all sorcerers, 3 with the Gift of Chaos). They serve as assault units and an extra summoning point. "Geez, that's 18 models with casting potential."

My second detachment was originally a soupped-up Land Raider, but I opted for a little more flexibility with a Defiler and a Predator. The Predator offers me some armor penetration (something I dearly need without the Flames of Tzeentch). The Defiler's indirect fire is an option too strong turn down.

How far have you gotten thus far?
Well my credit card has had little rest in the last few months. Between Forge World and the GW bitz order desk, I've chalked up a nice penny.

I've converted all my marines, chosen and possessed (not to mention a few chaos spawns).

I have more of the new demon models than I can fit into my army.

My only real draw back was my inability to come up with a paint scheme I was happy with. I've finally opted for one that's very traditional to the chapter but so clean and shiny. Remember I want them to look like a pirating war band.

I feel very confident we show up to GT with something really outstanding...


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