Joe Ramaikas

Forum Name:
Sword Brother Jeramakus
None I'm aware of. Maybe 'SBJ'...?
"Some day, a real rain'll come and wash all the scum off the streets..."
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 1987
Claim To Fame:
A Slayer Sword winner painted my Black Templars.
My Armies:
Black Templars, Warmonger 8th Company (WIP), Kroot Mercenaries (on deck)
Warmonger Nemesis:
Usually myself.
Beverage Of Choice:
Cold beer in the summer, gin and tonic at weddings
Recent Plcings:
Not really a rant but, I loathe games like "MathHammer" and "TheoryHammer". Yeah, some rules allow you to do well but, in the end, it all comes down to rolling some dice and the vagaries of fate...


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