page id: 188 Battle Report VII (Patrol): Two GT armies face off at the infamous Battle Bunker, Nidal's Emperor's Wounds vs. Jim K.'s Kult of Speed, Klan Skullkrakka. By Nidal Nasr

The Emperor's Wounds

By Nidal Nasr

Two GT armies face off at the infamous Battle Bunker, Nidal's Emperor's Wounds vs. Jim K.'s Kult of Speed, Klan Skullkrakka

Before their 2001 campaign, the Emperor’s Wounds traveled to the infamous Battle Bunker to hone their skills in the imperial simulators. As heavy Ork activity had been spotted in the sector, the holo-simulators were programmed with data received from imperial agents to simulate a surprise attack by a speed freek army. A lone group of marine sentries were patrolling a hillside when they spotted a battlewagon, 4 wartrukks, over a dozen vulcha boyz led by Boss Zagstruck himself and a looted Leman Russ!

This awesome table at The Bunker was a treat to play on.

As one marine used his comm to desperately hail for reinforcements, the marine with the lascannon took matters into his own hands and fired at the mass of wartrucks heading for one of the two bridges spanning the river, sending one of them crashing into the side, but not causing the flaming wreck to block the access point. The speed freeks, undaunted, hurtled their entire force toward the marine position, having to negotiate difficult hills and trenches in their mad dash. The trukkboyz who were blown out of their truck went for a swim in the toxic sludge of the river… and they would have made it across, had they not been distracted by the fumes--which made them quite happy to wallow in the sludge for another two turns.

A Looted Leman Russ rolls on in turn one and takes a commanding view if the field.

The driver of the battlewagon, obviously deranged, tried to jump the wide river, but his battlewagon dropped like a rock, flooding his engine and stalling it in the filthy muck. It was going to take quite a feat of engineering to get his truck started again. The vulcha boyz laughed as they flew high overhead, knowing that it would mean more marines for them to kill.

The battlewagon takes a header while trukkers play in the toxic sludge and the Vulchas use the cover of the battlewagon to screen their approach.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, marine reinforcements slowly began to arrive. The land speeders flew across the battlefield to the only two clear access points the orks had and blocked them while blazing away at the trukks, completely destroying one in the process, despite the kustom force field a mek had in place. Ten boyz spilled onto the hillside–the truck rolling over two of them. At the same time, atop a nearby hill overlooking the racing trucks, a group of marines appeared alongside an assassin and let loose on the other trukks, stunning one, but not destroying any. The assassin (a programmed part of the simulation), assaulted the shocked orks, her phase sword slicing cleanly through their tough flesh. This was too much for the orks to stand, and they ran off into the woods to hide despite the cursing of their warboss from a nearby trukk. The assassin vanished into the woods after them… disappearing as quickly as she appeared.

Ork trukks race over a hill to engage the marines.

Meanwhile, the heavy support rumbled in. A rhino carrying a squad armed with two plasma cannons dropped off its troops and rumbled towards the main battle. Behind the devastators, the whirlwind appeared and prepared to transmit coordinates to an orbiting carrier for surgical bombardment of the orkish horde. It would do little good in the battle as air turbulence made it difficult for the smart missiles to strike their intended targets. A predator joined the fray, firing a lascannon at the immobilized truck, blowing the tracks off of the already immobilized vehicle. There was no way it was getting out of the mud now. The marines on top of the hill let loose at the vulcha boyz, downing a few, but not enough to scare off the frenzied beasts. How they wished they had more bolters backing them up!

The Chaplain takes on Boss Zagstruck and the remaining Vulchas

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