page id: 190 Battle Report IX (Take and Hold): Matt's Tallaran Imperial Guard tries to hold back the forces of Ken's Eldar Exodites. By Ken Lacy

Destruction in the Desert

A take and hold mission pitting Matt's Tallaran Imperial Guard against Ken's Exodite Eldar


By Ken "Da Orc Boy" Lacy and Matt "Metal and Guts" Birdoff

With a start, Clan Memory Sehanine wakes, her face damp with sweat. The World Soul still keens softly, but its resonant hum is muted now, bearable when awake. She shudders as she ponders the implications. It has been many turns of the seasons since it last sang in such a manner, but even though the sound is one of triumph and exultation, it is an ill omen. It means not only that the harmony of the Weave has been disturbed by alien presences, but also that the Spirit of Isha, long dormant, has again manifested to defend her Children. Such a combination of unwelcome visitors and the awakening of the Goddess can only mean one thing: the strangers that have arrived on her world bring with them Death, and Destruction. She weeps in sorrow as she calls for her acolytes -- the Clan must prepare itself for War.

Ken: I've faced Matt's "mobile" guard army before, and I've always been impressed by two things; first, by its relative mobility, especially for Imperial Guard, and second, by its firepower. In the past, with my shooty Guard army from hell, I managed to cripple his vehicles (and thus his mobility) and simply out-shoot him thereafter, but I knew that my Exodites would be unable to do any such thing. Instead, I would have to rely on my (hopefully) greater mobility to make up for my substantially weaker firepower. Thus, I would be relying on concentrated flank attacks, my multiple Brightlances and Haywire-grenade-packing units aimed at his big tanks, and the hope that should my Exodites get assaulted (or should I be forced to assault), that I would be able to "walk" through any Guardsmen I might come into contact with, relying either on high strength, or toughness, or both. That, and finesse my way into a win, relying on mission objectives (and not sheer destruction) to tide me through.

Spirit of Isha (Avatar) 80

Clan Memory Sehanine "Moonwalker" Farseer (40) + Bike (30), Witchblade (15), Shuriken Pistol (1), Runes'o'Witness (5) 166 FORTUNE (20), MINDWAR (15), Spiritstone (40)

Dragontamer Solonar Thelandira Warlock on Bike (36) with Destructor (15), Witchblade (15), Shuriken Pistol (1) 67

Dragontamer Hanali Celanil Warlock (11) with Enhance (15), Witchblade (15), Shuriken Pistol (1) 42

Dragontamer Aerdrie Faenya Warlock (11) with Enhance (15), Witchblade (15), Shuriken Pistol (1) 42

Exodite Dragon Knights (Left Pack) 4 Jetbikes (35/e) + Shuriken Cannon upgrade (20) 160

Exodite Sky Drake Vyper (50) + Starcannon (15) and Spiritstone (10) 75

Zoat Allies 3 Shining Spears (50/e), incl. Exarch (20) w/Brightlance (25), Skillful (5), Evade (10) 210

Exodite Clan Levy 12 Storm Guardians w/Haywire (11/e), including 2 with Flamers (+6) 138

Exodite Landyrm Pack (5 Wraithguard -- 35/e) in Wave Serpent (110) With Brightlances (15) and Spiritstone (10) 310

Exodite Trihorn Weapons Platform Wraithlord (75) + Brightlance (45) 120

TOTAL 1410

Matt: What, take on my evil 40k arch nemesis Ken in a battle report? Fighting his super-sneaky lizard Eldar army? Of course I will! While I own Ken's ass in Warhammer fantasy, I've actually never beaten him at 40K. But with my smashing new tank army against his teeny super powered Eldar, I knew if I caught him in the open, I could shoot him to bits. Thankfully, the club has some very nice open desert scenery, which also matches my army color quite nicely! My army is half armor and half infantry, and I know from past experience that opponents get confused at what to do for a few turns- either assault into the heart of 50 plus infantry, or target the armor. Inevitably, they assault, and that's when I have them! The big secret of the Guard is that we don't die so easy in close combat. With hordes of troops to throw in, we always outnumber our foe, and I have an extra special command unit to toss in against any �hard' units that come my way. Add in 3 sentinals and a hellhound, and I had a bunch of options for up-close-and-personal destruction. Bring it on!

Command squad (plasma pistol, standard bearer)....100
Chimera, heavy bolter, multilaser, pintle-mounted storm bolter....95

Inquisitor, powerfist, rosarius....80

sentinel w/ multilaser, smoke launchers....48

Command section (2 plasmaguns, 1 plasma pistol)....61
Chimera, heavy bolter, multilaser, pintle-mounted storm bolter....95
2 squads w/ 2 plasmas, 2 missle launcher....166

Command section (2 plasmaguns, bolter)....53
Chimera, heavy flamer, heavy bolter.....85
2 squads w/ 2 plasmas, missle launcher, autocannon....161


Sentinel w/ heavy flamer, smoke launchers.....43

Sentinel w/ heavy flamer, smoke launchers.....43

Leman russ w/ 3 heavy bolters, searchlight....166

Basilisk w/ heavy bolter....100

Exterminator w/ 3 heavy bolters, pintle-mounted storm bolter, searchlight....146

TOTAL: 1512

Pregame: The mission turned out to be a Take-and-Hold, with the Imperial Guard defending. Matt chose to begin the game with all but his Hellhound and HQ Chimera on the table, in an arc behind the objective (an Oasis terrain piece in the middle of the "desert" table), and Ken (as the attacker) chose to negate a good portion of Matt's ranged firepower by attacking at night. With the set-up complete, the game could start.

Turn 1, Take 1: The Exodites swarm onto the field in two primary groups; four Vypers and the Wave Serpent with the Wraithguard make a broad flanking maneuver toward the Guard right, supported by both units of Jetbikes. Meanwhile, the Avatar leads the comparatively slower-moving Storm Guardians and Wraithlord up the middle, supported by the firepower of the Shining Spears (specifically, the firepower of the Shining Spear Exarch).

Note from Ken: At this point, Nidal (taking pictures for this and another Batrep) wanders over and asks how many points the Exodite-Tallarn game is. Matt says "1500" at about the same time I say "2000", resulting in the very interesting realization that the impression of Massed Hordes of Exodites was not entirely unfounded. After a quick shuffle of forces and hurried recount, I removed three of the Vypers, and one of the Jetbike units (including its attached Warlock), but miscalculated slightly and thus ended up with somewhat less than 1500 points (as shown in my army list). A shame, but may that be a lesson to you -- first, always know how many points you're playing; and second, always bring a calculator!

Turn 1, Take 2: The Exodites swarm onto the field in two primary groups; the Vyper and the Wave Serpent with the Wraithguard make a broad flanking maneuver toward the Guard right, supported by the unit of Jetbikes. Meanwhile, the Avatar leads the comparatively slower-moving Storm Guardians and Wraithlord up the middle, supported by the firepower of the Shining Spears (specifically, the firepower of the Shining Spear Exarch). Visibility is poor, however, and results only in the nearest Tallarn tank (a Leman Russ) being lightly shaken.

The Tallarn forces respond by moving two of their tanks forward; the Russ moves forward to spotlight some Exodites for the vehicles remaining in the rear, while the Executioner on the right flank rumbles toward the Wave Serpent and opens fire, downing the transport in a hail of autocannon fire! In the middle, however, the Vanquisher's crew fail to spot anything in the dark with their searchlight, and the other vehicles and infantry do no better.

Turn 2: The Exodites continue to rush headlong at the Guard right flank, while the middle continues to trundle forward. The Wraithguard that have just been forcibly disembarked drop the Executioner tank at close range, blowing it (very decisively) to tiny pieces, while the lone Vyper spots a Sentinel moving in the dark and shreds its paper-thin armor with a barrage of starcannon fire. The combined brightlances in the middle do somewhat less splendidly, with the Russ merely shaken again, while the Shining Spear Exarch, with a perfect shot at mid-range, fails to hit the broad side of a completely immobile tank!

Meanwhile, the Jetbikes on the right flank move in on a hapless pair of infantry units and hit them with a Destructor blast from the Warlock! One of the squads flees in panic, but the other stands firm as it is hit by the Exodite Farseer and a squad of Jetbikes in an assault...and despite their losses, continue to hold!

The Tallarn take advantage of this unexpected good fortune and throw both of their reserve elements into the fray, with the Hellhound rushing up and flaming the Wraithguard (to little effect), while the Command HQ screams forward in their Chimera, disembark, and piles into the melee with the Exodite Jetbikes and Farseer. They are very enthusiastically accompanied by the other Command squad and a nearby unit of guardsmen! On the other flank, the Leman Russ's searchlight finally picks out a squad in the darkness, and a Basilisk round rips apart several members of the Exodite Storm Guardian unit! The remaining fire is ineffectual, however, managing only to shake up the Vyper (and prevent it from shooting next turn) and soon it is time for the Exodites to respond...

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