Kevin J. Coleman

Forum Name:
Troll King
"Curses, curses!"
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 1988
Claim To Fame:
Writing for White Dwarf.
My Armies:
Fantasy: Goblins, Daemons of Chaos (Nurgle), Gnoblar Hordes, Ogre Kingdoms and Dark Elves.

40K: Way back in 1st and 2nd edition I played a Genestealer Invasion Force, a Genestealer Cult and also had a small army of Space Orks. I have not played 40K in many years...

Warmonger Nemesis:
Any player that does not use blocks of infantry!
Beverage Of Choice:
Pink Lemonade, water and red wine!
Recent Plcings:
1st Place Best Overall, 2007 Colonial GT, Goblins!
1st Place Best Overall, 2005 Necronomicon GT, Daemon Legion of Nurgle!
3rd Place Best Sportsman, 2003 Philadelphia GT, Goblins!
Common Goblins iz da best!


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