Leah Gustavson

Forum Name:
Never ever give up.
Years in the Hobby:
Since,  well, a while.  Not that it shows much in my painting or playing. Been hanging around since the late 90's I guess with brief forays into the wargaming world.
Claim To Fame:
who needs fame?
My Armies:
Black Templar, Dark Eldar, Lizardmen.  Warmachine/Hordes: Mercs, Circle  
Warmonger Nemesis:
I am still my own worst enemy.
Beverage Of Choice:
Coffee, decaf with half and half
Recent Plcings:
Oh, I've been in a cave for the last few years.  I am happy to be emerging again and will let you know my placings once I go to GT's again.
I am trying to not rant anymore.  See above mention of cave.  Perspectives change. I fail a lot in my 'no rant' endeavors.  Change is a hard road but I'm hoping this is also a good road.



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