Robert Kopp

Forum Name:
Don't think I have one.
"You don't want to mess with Stumpy."
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 1998
Claim To Fame:
I'd be unstoppable if I wasn't such a nice guy.
My Armies:
Fantasy: GOBLINS! & Orcs, Vampires, Khemri, Dwarves

Blood Bowl: Humans, Orcs

Warmonger Nemesis:
That darn Mr. Birdoff, unless he is drunk.
Beverage Of Choice:
Lots o' Bass Ale or Cider, then Lots o' Vitamin Water
Recent Plcings:
  • 4th Overall Fantasy, Dark Tower RT, Goblins
  • 5th Overall Fantasy, 2002 Philadelphia GT, Goblins
  • Something like 80th Overall Fantasy, 2002 Baltimore GT, Orcs and Goblins
The only thing I really hate is that the Games Workshop game designers really believe that the armies are balanced.


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