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About the Warmongers

Who Are We?The Warmonger Club is a group of mature gamers dedicated to the playing of Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and related games (such as Ancients, Bloodbowl, Mordheim and Battlefleet Gothic).

What Do We Do?The Warmonger Club helps opponents in the NYC-area get together for gaming and organizes events like tournaments and megabattles. Our HQ is located at:

The Compleat Strategist
11 East 33 Street (between Madison and 5th Ave)
New York, NY
Tel: (212) 685-3880
On the web at:

We host open gaming there as well as run Tournaments, Campaigns, Megabattles and much more. Click on Events for a schedule of what's coming up and open gaming information. Our Saturday events and our open-gaming on Thursday nights are open to anyone 18 and older, so come on down and check us out!

Our website contains dozens of articles in our Library old on everything from tactics for Imperial Guard to inflammatory editorials. Our resident "Orc Boy" gives you an entertaining blow by blow description of his entire gaming life. Speaking of blow by blow, check out our Battle Reports too. Or our Photo Gallery for some conversion ideas. Or just waste some of the boss' time while you're at work!

Finally, our message boards are a great way to trade stuff, bum a ride (or a room) for a GT or RT, post an army list for feedback, catch up on the latest GW rumours or simply "talk trash".

I hope you'll join us in this open forum dedicated to the hobby (mental illness?) we all share. It costs nothing to join, so start clicking around and see what we are all about.

Jim Keleher
Prez for Life



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