Tactica Kroot Allies

by By Alexander McLaren



Back in the old days nearly any 40k army could ally with any other. Phoenix Lords fought beside Chapter Masters, Harlequins rode in Land Raiders, Orks and Guardsmen were like brothers, Squats were plentiful and loved by all. But then along came 3rd edition with silly ideas of 'game balance' and 'coherent storyline' and allies disappeared for a time. But now they are returning with armies like the Daemon Hunters and the Kroot.

I never really gave the Kroot much thought until I saw a brief article in Troll, GWUS's mail order flyer, about using Kroot rules to represent the Nocturnal Warriors of the Hrud (a mysterious race only glimpsed in one small picture in the rule book). Hobby Specialist Jeff Cauley talked about how he used the Kroot rules to add some snipers to his Iron Warriors army (Iron Warriors of course are an obscure, under-powered army that desperately needs more firepower). That got me thinking, why stop there, why can't I use Kroot to make combat servitors? Zombies? Space Slann? Ewoks? Stuff! And so this article was born...

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