Pint Sized Evil: Chaos Squats!!!

Whatís this mess, you ask? Well, having just attended my first Baltimore Grand Tournament, one of the things that most impressed me was the quality of the top armies there. Not the winning parts (ok, that, too) but the modeling and painting. There were about a dozen guys there with armies so good they were ART. Now, I know Iíll never be able to paint a fantasy army that well- just too many models. But 40K needs only 1/5th of the models Fantasy does for a GT, PLUS I already had a great idea for a converted army- one that no one would ever think to do, and really appealed to me.


Based on a Thousand Sons army, I would field the sci-fi steampunk version of my favorite Fantasy army, The Chaos Dwarves. The whole theme is steampunk, mad mechanical inventions, and as many complete scratch conversions as I could think of.

And so...

This will be the diary of my mad plan, starting right here, and ending with the Grand Tournament 2002. Iíll update once a month, so letís get to it!


1- Playerís Choice Award- This you could win by just having the coolest army at the tournament. Pretty vague, but a realistic goal. I wonít have the best painted army, or the most winning army, but cool? I can manage that.

2- Best Army Selection- Since Iíve already decided that having the coolest army was the priority, winning immediately becomes secondary. So long as the guidelines wonít get in the way of having The Coolest Army, I would go for as many Army Selection points as possible, and damn the gaming consequences.

3- Painting- I wonít be the best painted there, but my conversions will get me the attention I want. Plus, Iíll make sure to really go to town on the models I field. What will help here is the numbers. My 1700 point list only has 60 odd models in it, so I can focus on each individually.

4- Sportsmanship- Losing a lot of games and being quite happy about it, while being a FUN opponent is the best way to get great sportsmanship scores. Having people vote for your cool army with great comp points that they smack the hell out of as well would help me all round.

5- Winning- Well, I expect to lose every game I play, no question. Iím an average 40k player at best, and the list Iíve chosen is extremely challenging to play with. YOU try playing Chaos Space Marines with only 12 points of wargear! Iíd still like to get in the top quarter overall, however. Working out the math, Iíd need 270 points to make it. I figure I could reasonably get:

114 for sportsmanship

55 Comp

50 painting

2 quiz

leaving me 50 points short of 270- which means I have to limit my losses to Minor ones. I COULD do it- while the list I made has little offensive capability, itís very tough to kill itself.

6- Timing- while making the 2002 GT is possible, Iím not going to rush myself. I do have a nice Tallarn tank army that could stand in, and if I couldnít make it this year, then I would stick with it for 2003. Talk about long range goals! 60 models over 21 monthsÖ


The idea is to a) provide myself with the best modeling opportunities possible and b) get 55 Comp points. Here goes:


Mighty Champion w/ mark of tzeentch, bolt pistol, close combat weapon- 52pts.


5 Possessed- 150


10 Thousand Sons - 230

10 Thousand Sons - 230

10 Thousand Sons - 230

10 Cultists- laspistol, hand weapon - 40

5 Nurgling bases - 72

8 Pink Horrors - 180


5 Bikes, 2 plasmas, aspiring champ w/ mark undivided - 242

5 Raptors, 1 melta, 1 plasma pistol, aspiring w/ mark undivided - 190


Dread w/ twinlinked Lascannon, H Flamer, Coruscating warp flame, extra armor, smoke ó 150

If I need to build out another 500 points, Iím fucked. There wonít be time to do anything that required lots of models, and Iím out of TROOPS slots as well. Adding anything else will cost me comp points. The plan would be to do 5 Thousand Sons Cult Terminators with upgrades, but that would leave me with equal Troops to all others, as opposed to more troops than all others. That would cost 8 Comp points, and would be a huge target for my opponent to go afterÖ


A challenging list to play with, no doubt. With special and heavy weapons totaling only SIX, with only 2 that could take out tanks, I would be hard pressed to fight any amount of armored vehicles or troops. Itís also a small enough army that cheaper, unarmored troops could swamp me, and my hand to hand capabilities would be odd. The Thousand Sons canít assault at all, and the assault portions of my army were very small and fragile. So, I am left with this general gameplan:

Hide the Bikes, Possessed, and Raptors behind units of Thousand Sons, with the Nurglings and Cultists interspersed. Move 6" a turn forward, firing bolters as I move. Use the Biker plasmas to rapid fire at any light vehicles or tough troops, use the Raptors to go for heavy tanks and units vulnerable to asault- they can deep strike if need be. Use the Cultists to block sight from heavy tank ordinance.

In assaults, use the Thousand Sons to screen off assault routes to the other units- hope they get assaulted, then dive in the assault portions of the army... OR, if I get within 6", assault with the assault parts, then consolidate back behind the Thousand Sons...

The Dread moves forward, too, going for tanks, then hopefully gets within assault range. He should be cracky in hth with the warp flame thing...

I guess I had a decent chance, so long as I planned several moves ahead, and used terrain to my advantage. I would try to focus on either side of the table, giving up the rest to the enemy. That should limit lines of sight to my fragile assault unitsÖ I guess Iíd find out in a year or so!


Now weíre getting to it, the whole reason Iím doing all this. I picked my army list based on the ability to do cool conversions- everything else was secondary.


The core of the army, the Thousand Sons, were actually simple conversions; a Chaos Space Marine with a swapped head and legs from plastic Fantasy Dwarves. The backpacks would either be straight up Chaos ones, or metal bits, or complete conversions, or a combination of all three.

For Cultists, I would use Grots with wrenches (close combat weapon) and laspistols.

Nurglings would consist of a mad inventor Grot with a mini army of remote control Epic Ork Dreadnaughts.

Pink Horrors would be scratch built- the Ďfaceplateí off the Chaos vehicle accesory sprue as the face, bionic arms and from Gorkamorka, unicycle legs from the same, and a torso consisting of 2 IG tank Ďtreadí wheels, with plasticard to fill it out. There would be a smoke stack, access panel, and crank on the back.


The Possessed will be similar to the Horrors, in that the body is based off IG wheels, and the arms are mechanical- this time the drill, hammer, pistol, and saw arms from Necromunda. The torso would be wider, using 2 wheels for the upper part. These would have mechanical legs, not the unicycle wheel Iíd use for the Horrors. The heads were a real find- Dwarven battering ram heads. As usual (for this army) the torso would house smoke stacks, gears, and the like.

Fast Attack

The Raptors are as easy as the Thousand Sons. Same basic configuration, but with a backpack consisting of 2 searchlight glued together.

Bikes, on the other hand, would be one of the centerpieces of the army. Without having yet worked out the details, they will be scratch built mini seige tower like locomotives, complete with coal-shoveling snotlings and a steam engine.


The Dreadnought would be the centerpiece. Completely scratch built- a 7 inch tall Chaos Dwarf head on treads. The mouth would open (moving parts!) to reveal a heavy flamer (and massive gearwork inside). The eyes would be swiveling lascannons, with the eye whites clear plastic, revealing the control room. Inside the control room, a disembodied Chaos Squat head in a jar, with a hat made of tubes and plugs that connect to the Dread. Snotlings and Grots at the controls, and the whole thing would light up, too!. The obligatory smoke stacks, steam engines and the like to finish it off. This is the piece that would break me or make me!

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