Dwarf Tactica

Dwarf Tactica
by Jarrett Messing

All right there young whelps, yer beards are almost as short as the depth o' yer cunnin' which I shall endeavor to mend (there aint nothin' I can do fer yer wee beards, just the cunnin'). Ye've come here because ye long ta know how ta wield a proper Dwarfen throng and send yer enemies a bleedin' and a broken 'afore ye, or else ye're diggin' up the wrong shaft. Donna' worry lads, I'll set ye right and 'afore you know it yer only complaint will be that ya gone and set all yer grudges right and have nothin' left ta be angry 'bout. Ah lad, I'm just pullin' yer chainmail, ye've no need ta worry. Ain't a proper Dwarf in existence without an axe ta grind.

The Big Picture
Playing a Dwarf army in Warhammer Fantasy Battles is not for the faint of heart. Little girls don't play Dwarfs nor do very old men. That leaves the rest of us with moderate to strong hearts at least for the immediate future (until even the faint hearted can get bionic replacement hearts and then buy Dwarf armies). Dwarfs have garnered a much deserved reputation as a hard army, and they are, though this may not wholly mean what you believe. They are want for what many armies take for granted: cavalry and skirmishers (or anything that can really move for that matter). You may have heard they're immobile. This simply isn't the case. They function with the mobility of a pack of peg-legged invalids.

The Dwarfs substitute the ability to travel far by sending projectiles in their place. Dwarven firepower is your substitute for mobility. This lack of mobility (and propensity for being outmaneuvered) relegates them to a defensive roll. However, make no mistake about it, you want your stout little fellers in combat where they can shine. Dwarven firepower is a handy way of convincing your enemy that this is where he wants to be as well (the fool!). In the meantime most of the maneuvering done by a Dwarf player will be counter maneuvers to protect Dwarf flanks from being hit, moving and angling your units to ideal positions in which to receive a charge (or flee from said charge and, believe it or not, launch a countercharge yourself). To win simply convince your opponent that he'd prefer the warm embrace of your great weapons to the cold steel of a bolt tip and crush him in close quarters, all the while keeping the tightest formation possible and protecting those precious flanks... Easy, right? Well let's examine what you've got to work with first, and then we'll discuss application...

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