The Cult of Change

'Mad' Matt Birdoff's monthly chronicle of how he will build a fully converted Warhammer Fantasy army for the 2004 tournament season.

Part 1: The Founding

Here we go again! This will be the third year running I've had a web diary on my attempts to complete an army for the following year's tournaments. For those who haven't been following the site forever, you can read about the tales of the infamous 2002 Thousand Squats army, and the 2003 Black Legion army.

The plan is to create an army that can stand out among the best at national tournaments. The previous two years worked very well in that regard, but this year is an altogether more difficult prospect. Whereas the Squats and Legion were 40k armies, this year's project is for fantasy. Why is that harder, you ask? Two reasons:

  1. More models: 40k armies require only about 60 models, a relatively small number to convert and paint. My planned fantasy army will have almost 100, a big jump up from previous years.
  2. More competition: Not to dismiss the 40k crowd as untalented, but it's safe to say the competition is much fiercer 'on the other side of the aisle'. Whereas the last two years there have only been a few other 40k armies that were really eye catching, there are many more fantastic modellers on the fantasy side of things.

The idea for the Cult of Change evolved out of a gag army I did for the Warmonger's Ugoslav campaign. I did the fastest, smallest army possible- a 15 model Tzeentch army with maxed out characters. Once the campaign was over, I was faced with the prospect of building the army out into some usable form. The idea of a totally underpowered, foot slogging chaos army appealed to me, even moreso after seeing the abusive chaos lists brought to this year's GTs. Hence, The Cult of Change.

Similar to last year, there is also a plan for this to be part of a multi-player GT display, with the other players filling out the pantheon of the 4 chaos gods. I won't spill all our beans yet, though. You'll have to wait and see.

Also similar to last year, there will be an intricate plan for the display base. This time, it will be a towering temple, complete with summoning circle, and dungeons. I expect this to take some time, so will likely work on it alongside the army, as opposed to after it is completed. Here is an initial sketch:

The army list is built around two principles. First, to create a 'poor man's' chaos army, which meant eliminating Chaos Knights, Dragon Ogre Drake, and Bestigors, instead focusing on underused marauders and foot warriors. Chariots are kept in because I need something that can hit back, and the models are done already! Second, potential conversions. This meant I wanted to include beastmen gors, spawn, centigors, and a Daemon Prince. Here's a rough list:

Lord & Heroes
Daemon Prince
Mark of Tzeentch, Ether Blade, Master of Mortals
He would be in the center of the temple, getting summoned.
Exalted Champion of Tzeentch
Disc and Eye of Tzeentch, great weapon
Up high above the summoning circle, his pulpit will double as Disc of Tzeentch.
Core Units
2 units of 20 Marauders with full command.
For these I'm using the old robed 40k Chaos Cultists.
10 Chosen warriors with halberds, musician
Dark Elf Black Guard have a great look that compliments the cultists - I'll be using them.
2 units of 5 Chaos hounds
I'll likely use the standard models for this.
2 Chariots
They're done! DE chariot chassis pulled by screamers. The crew will be Black Guard.
Special Units
2 units of 10 beastmen.
These will be converted tyranid, skaven, kroot, lizardmen, Mordheim, and zombies, twisted all together.
5 Centigors
Similar to the beastmen, but with more legs.
5 Screamers - done!
Rare Units
2 Chaos Spawn
I think I'll end up hand sculpting these. I want them to have the same robes as the Exalted, but with tentacles instead of body parts.

I toyed with the idea of the army being led by an Exalted Champion, but Leadership 8 scared me off. As it stands, if the Prince dies that's almost 500 points, I pretty much lose the game. The army will have to fight a refused flank, as I don't have the manpower to storm up the middle. Hopefully the gors and centigors can hold my open flank, but time will tell.

I was able to save the chariots and Screamers from my 15-model Tzeentch 'army', so I already have a head start.

Even better, inspired by Jen Haley's fantastic Golden Daemon winning model from this year, I figured out how to paint on non-metallic ornamental trim. Here are the first test shot models of several Marauders:


Next Steps:
I'll need a lot of playtesting with these guys, so getting some version of the army together ASAP was a priority. Currently I'm using Hobgoblins as stand-ins for the Beastmen, and Marauder horsemen for Centigors. So far, the army works as expected. It is able to win games, but far from overpowered. With some 5 months to practice, hopefully I can make a respectable showing at Baltimore.

Next up for painting: finishing off the first Cultist unit, then modelling some test shots of beastmen! See you next month.

Done In Progress Not Started
2 chariots
5 Screamers
20 Marauders
20 Marauders
10 Chosen warriors
Daemon Prince
Exalted on Disc
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
2 chariot crews
10 Beastmen
10 Beastmen
5 Centigors
2 Spawn
display base
custom codex

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