'Mad' Matt Birdoff's 2005 Warhammer Fantasy tournament army and Winner of the 2005 Baltimore GT Fantasy Player's Choice award!

From the moment I first saw the new Horror models back in 2002, I knew I'd be doing some sort of Tzeentch army. But it took the release of Storm of Chaos to get me to really think of how to fit them into an army. With two weeks to go until the 2005 Baltimore GT, and no army I wanted to bring to it, the perfect opportunity presented itself to do this miniscule 36-model army I had sitting in a box someplace waiting for some paint.

Although widely considered one of the cheesier armies around, the Tzeentch daemonic Legion army can actually be fun to play with and against. So long as the owning player does not play disengagement for the entire game, the opposing player has a chance to do something besides take it in the arse all day long.

That said, I endeavored to make the list as hard as possible, holding absolutely nothing back! In the end, the army performed as expected, going 4-1 over some tough competition. My usual infantry based Cult of Change army would likely have gone 2-3 over the same 5 games, so the Changebringers were a welcome power boost.

Imagine my shock at winning a Player's Choice award, after only 2 weeks painting time!

Lord & Heroes
Lord of Change
The big bird is one of two keys to the army, and without him the army simply does not work for me. I usually run him up a flank, casting spells along the way, then throw him into combat once my other units have tied things up. Tzeentch's Will is totally key to keeping him in business, and well worth the 75 pts.
Exalted Daemon of Tzeentch
Ether Blade
He provides magical support and much-needed armor busting capability. Nothing beats str5 no armor save!

Core Units
2 units of 10 Horrors
I take the absolute minimum of core with no apologies! Their magic isn't so hot until you get within 12" of ranked units, but they act as an effective tar pit that can hold up for 2-3 combat rounds against all but the most dedicated combat units.

5 flamers
The ability to zip around in the woods and pop out 5d6 shots a turn is simply awesome. Then they can fight as well!
4 Screamers
These are good for war machine and fast cavalry duty. If I had points for a 5th, their effectiveness would go up (flank and rear bonuses) but there are no points to spare!

Special Units
4 Changebearers
These are the second 'key' to the army, giving me awesome mobile shooting, and acting as a very effective tar pit with 12 T5 wounds and a ward save to boot.

Rare Units
The Tzeentch chariot makes for just a decent hammer at str4 impact hits, but its 8 strength 4 attacks make it a better than average mage hunter. Add on top the 2d6 shots from the flamers riding in it, and it's a very versatile unit well worth its cost.

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