Why Fantasy is Better than 40K

Why 40K is kids stuff


Over the past 2 years, I've seen Warhammer Fantasy steadily lose interest with not just Warmongers, but gamers in general. The science fiction version of the same game, Warhammer 40K, has become the game of choice ever since the new edition was released. Now that Fantasy has gotten the same kind of update, one would imagine that people would switch back, but so far, this has not been the case. Why?

The most common complaints about the game; cheesy uber-characters, game ending magic spells, and overly powerful armies all have been addressed. The game is now truly about tactical skill, not clever magic item combinations. GW has supported the new rules with cool new models, mostly cost effective plastic ones. This makes the game cheaper than ever to play. So where are the players? Still playing 40K. Why?

While I can't figure out why everyone is playing 40K, let me at least take the time to try and convince you that Fantasy is the better of the two. Here's why.

Fantasy is for adults. 40K is for kids.

Bold statement- better back it up. Here goes.


Fantasy is more about strategy- it's a big chess game. You have to plan several moves ahead, and in detail. The player who can think more moves ahead will win every game- just like chess. Declaring charges is a big part of that. Unlike in 40k, you can't 'see' in all directions; you units only see forward, and you can't charge what you can't see. Because you have to declare charges in fantasy, it is vital that you plan charges accurately. If you miscalculate, you're pretty likely to hung out to dry, potentially losing the unit you were planning on hitting something with.

If you charge, beat a unit, then follow through into the next, the other guy is in big trouble. A second unit just got charged; kiss it goodbye. Panic tests may cause other units to run. Overall, a successfull charge in Fantasy can change the tide of a game.

Compare to 40k, where you don't declare, you just measure. Units see in all directions, they can charge in all directions. If you win a combat, you can follow up, only to be shot to shreds by the other guys entire army (sweeping advance rules).

Generally speaking it is FAR more important how you move your units in fantasy than in 40k. Make a wrong turn in Fantasy and lose the unit, either to the enemy, or to having to reposition itself for half the game. Make a wrong turn in 40k, no big deal.

In Fantasy, line of sight matters. You can't shoot through your own guys. You can't charge through your own guys. The way you position your troops matters, to an inch. In 40k, everyone shoots, everyone can charge, through thier own guys even, so who cares how they are positioned?

Fantasy is about strategy, 40k is about rolling lots of shooting dice.


Look at a 40k game in progress. Models all over the place. No real sense of what's going on. Can't tell units apart. Fantasy. Models in neat little box shaped formations. Each formation is facing one direction. Looks like the whole thing is a board game. It makes sense to someone walking in seeing the game for the first time. Fantasy just looks better while it's being played.

Because it can look better overall, players tend to spend more time painting, modeling, and caring about thier army's appearance. Just look around. How many badly painted (or unpainted) 40k armies there are. Fantasy armies are consistantly painted and modelled to a higher standard. The players care more about thier armies, because the look so good in a game. Many 40k players are happy just to slap some paint on and call it done.


How old is the average 40k player? The average Fantasy player? Why do older players consistantly play Fantasy over 40K? Could it be that 40k is...easier? Less challenging? A Beginners game appealing to kids. Now, if your 15 years old and reading this, I'm sorry. I'm 28 years old, most Warmongers are about the same age, and we like to play with ourselves... er... guys our age. Except for Hiromi, who's cool.

Alright, there's the start of my rant. I thought I was done, but now I want to tell you all how the new rules make Fantasy better than before. How all the $#!+ you bitched about last version around is gone. How you don't have to worry about that Vampire Lord or Skaven spell ruining what was to that point a perfectly good game.

You'll have to wait til next week though. In the meantime, stop by the Warmonger club on Wednesday and play Fantasy. I promise you'll like it.

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